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What can we do together?

In the previous pages, I've explained to you what inspires my work.

Now I invite you to consider the real possibility of exploring yourself with me. I have created a variety of options to match different topics and styles. 

If you scroll down on this page you will find my proposals for working individually or in small groups and by clicking on the titles you will be able to view the details about each program.

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All the existing programs are listed below. 

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Meeting Annalisa was the first step to changing my life forever. She guided me through turbulent times, empowered me with coping mechanisms, shared her thoughts and observations and set me on a path of renewed joy and positivity. I shall be forever grateful for her belief, her patience, her constancy and her wisdom. I have absolute trust in her and would not hesitate to recommend her as a guide and mentor.
Ros (London) - Course "Choosing Yourself"

Annalisa's coaching was instrumental in helping me as I contemplated career change. I felt supported, but never steered, in my decision making process and gained a sense of clarity in a far shorter period of time than I would have been able to attain on my own. I carry this clarity, and the tools to help make value-based decisions, with me still today. For that, I consider her work to be priceless. Lynn (London) - Individual Coaching & Mentoring Program

"Choosing Yourself" has been a very important experience that opened me up to a deeper knowledge of myself and let me clarify to myself what are my desires, my passions, my values and my limits, giving me the knowledge that I can meet the first and overcome the last.
Changing my approach to everyday life, I became happier, light and active. The course has triggered a positive spiral that allows me to improve my mood every day!Paola B. - Online Course "Choosing Yourself"

Is She Mad?
Reflecting on several conversations with Annalisa, annoyed I was tempted to call her mad. So easy, so fluid, so free, so clear, so relaxed, so happy were her ideas, solutions and suggested ways of being that I absolutely refused to accept them.
Annalisa is not really mad. She is just plain vanilla truthful.Anton (London) - Individual Coaching&Mentoring Program

A bold journey through the limits that you dictate to yourself, those that you have always known about yourself but suddenly become basic, profound, real and practical (in a self-evident relationship between causes and effects, you can recognise and accept your limits, they are what makes you human). At this stage, you can then deal with them and come to better terms with your projects for the future.Eleonora (Milan) - Course “Choosing Yourself"

Through her deep listening and her empathy Annalisa pushed me gently to acknowledge what I was constantly storing inside myself: old limiting beliefs and disempowering thoughts and helped me to become aware of my untapped personal power.
Suddenly I could see with extreme clarity what I had always hidden to myself: all my personal successes, my talents and my unlimited potential. It has been such a revelation!
Silvia (Copenaghen) - Sardinia Retreat

The retreat with Annalisa has been a deep experience. She uses an holistic approach that I found very effective: she mirrors you back the true image of yourself that she helps you to explore, without any concessions. Annalisa mixes great professionally and savoir faire to support you in finding, in a very pragmatic way, the pathway to the changes you are longing for through your complex personality.
Bruno (Luxembourg) - Sardinia Retreat

In addition to being a wonderful human being and consummate professional, Annalisa is a wonderful life coach. Her session are engaging, interesting and vital in the voyage of self discovery. She inspires you through words, exercises and by teaching the tools needed in order to work on achieving one's full potential.Anna (London) - Sardinia Retreat

Annalisa is a great guide, facilitating an introspective of your innermost thoughts at the core of your identity. Trough her experience and empathy, she has the ability to point to a perspective that seeks to frame and sort dreams and fears into a goal oriented plan.
Monika (London) - Sardinia Retreat

Annalisa is a truly inspirational coach. She is wonderful to work with and very professional. Her knowledge of the human being is extensive, she knows how the system works! Moreover, she has a extremely pleasant personality and it is a delight to work with her. I can recommend her strongly to anyone who wants to move up the ladder and better understand one's self.Guy (London) - Individual Program

I have found the experience of having coaching sessions with Annalisa extremely enlightening and supportive in changing the environment in which you find yourself. It is extremely easy to converse with Annalisa and open up. Her listening is excellent as is her understanding of the key areas which need to be looked at. I would strongly recommend her. Omar (London) - Individual Program

Annalisa always listened to me with genuine care for my feelings and desired outcome. She helped me explore my goals and actions in line with my personal values. I was often gently challenged with sensitivity and support and felt completely safe when exploring challenging self-limiting beliefs.
Annalisa never directed, judged or interrupted me.
Every session has left me with a renewed sense of confidence and positive frame of mind. She has not only helped me achieve my goals, but also to truly believe in my potential.Charlotte (London) - Individual Program

I started my coaching journey with Annalisa asking her to help me around the area of building my business.
I always felt secure with her and her great empathy made me feel understood and listened. Her focus was always on me, and the way she reflected me back my strengths and qualities uplifted every session. She has, also, the natural gift of understanding my feelings and dancing gently around them, we always came up with new and fresh solution for the goal of the session.Simone (London) - Individual Program

The RTT session helped me to unfold deep subconscious roots that were affecting my self-confidence and my success as an entrepreneur. One session was enough to let them go and I started to experience the full benefit of the session after 3 months. I'm so happy now and my business is finally thriving!Cristina (Verona) - RTT Session

I chose the RTT session to unblock my body. I really wanted to get pregnant for years but deep irregularity in my feminine cycle prevented and sabotaged it. After one month from the session with Annalisa I got my period back. Additional health complication are currently delaying my desire for a baby, but I now know that my body can do it.Sofia (xxx) - RTT Session

I was looking to lift some heavy emotional baggage from my shoulder and the RTT session helped me to do it in a very short period of time. I know that I'm different because I naturally behave in a different way compare to the past. I cannot say that I have already reached a whole new balance but I think that it requires discipline and commitment and feeling lighter helps me to do so. Patrizia (Varese) - RTT Session

I chose the RTT session to cope with the anger affecting some of my dearest relationships. A single session made the miracle and the issue immediately softened and is now completely gone after one month. I kept noticing the trasformation happening everyday through practical events. I'm so happy and I strongly recommend this powerful therapy. Federica (Bergamo) - RTT session