Rapid Transformational Therapy Program

  • 30 minutes initial consultation by phone
  • 120 minutes Therapy Session face to face or via Skype (GotoMeeting, Zoom)
  • Tailored made empowering personal recording to be used for 21 days, daily, after the Therapy Session
  • 2x90 minutes Coaching and Mentoring Session via Skype (GotoMeeting, Zoom) after one week and after 4 weeks to leverage the RTT results
  • one bonus call after three months

What is RTT?

RTT is a powerful therapy session created by Marisa Peer that combines hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy to get deep and fast healing results in relation to a very wide range of psychological, emotional and physical issues.

During the session you are regressed through hypnotic induction to the root causes of your issue, where you can understand it and decide to break and erase any emotional bond with it. The session evolves then in the transformation where you are seeding the new vision you have for yourself and yourlife without the old issue and ends with a powerful personalised recording that you will listen for 21 days after the session to consolidate the therapy's results.

Up to three sessions maybe required, but usually one session is enough to break and erase the connection with your problem.

RTT promises:

a definite resolution to any self-esteem, self-confidence, insecurity, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fear and phobias problem and a deep and final fix to any weight and addition (smoke, drugs, food) issue related to emotional roots. 

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