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There is a new, powerful and long-lasting way to overcome your problems and your limitations, whatever they are. It's called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and it is innovative, effective and fast.

RTT is a revolutionary therapy that combines different tools to create a real transformation in a short space of time. RTT uses hypnosis with elements of behavioural psychotherapy and NLP coaching in one powerful session. Its effectiveness lies in the activation of a mechanism of awareness and transformation, both on a subconscious and conscious level. RTT not only uses positive reinforcement, but also hypnotic regression to access the root of blocks and problems by developing understanding, awareness and a natural desire for the positive reformulation of a person’s beliefs.

There is only one school in the world that can teach you this technique: the Marisa Peer School. The therapists certified by this school are recognised by the main world bodies that protect the use and diffusion of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.


I obtained my qualification in 2017 directly with Marisa and since then I have been supporting people to free themselves from chronic problems of lack of confidence and self-esteem, lack of direction and motivation, addictions to smoking, food, alcohol and drugs, stress, anxiety and depression, weight problems and psychosomatic illnesses.

I feel privileged to be part of this family because, like Marisa, I believe deeply in the enormous power of the mind to rebalance and heal the problems and dynamics that afflict most people and I feel honoured to have access to a tool that makes these results possible.

Unlike psychotherapy, which requires multiple sessions to reach the heart of the problem, RTT immediately reaches the core of what conditions you and makes you uncomfortable. It never takes more than three sessions to completely solve what limits you and your life.

Use the button below to book your free consultation, in which I will better explain the dynamics of the session and its costs, and of course you can tell me what you want to leave behind once and for all.

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