The Why

Why am I here talking to you?

I am here to honour my life and yours. I have two strong beliefs: the first is that the planet we live on is simply wonderful, and the second is that my life offers me a unique opportunity to contribute, through my gifts and talents, to a higher quality of life for everyone.

When you are strangled by your concerns, limitations and insecurities, you aren’t free to live your life fully and you can’t contribute to a better world.

I am not capable of remaining indifferent to the suffering of any living being. Some years ago, I found myself interested in studying the reasons for pain, the meaning of death and the mystery of our beautiful minds. I understood that pain is an inevitable experience on this planet, but suffering is not. Most of the time suffering is a self-inflicted experience. Psychological and emotional suffering are the major causes of your physical pain because the body reflects what the mind experiences. Ailments and illnesses are, in many cases, the final symptom of an inner discomfort that the heart and mind can no longer contain. Curing the "inside" makes the “outside” symptom disappear.


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So if suffering is a "choice", I want to help you not to make this choice. I want to help you read the experiences and wounds of your life in a way that does not cause any more suffering, but instead that generates personal awareness and power.

Suffering comes from the suppression of your true identity, it comes from the compression of your voice and your freedom. 

You have a much greater personal power than you allow yourself to believe and use.

Allow me to help you let go of the limits and labels you have agreed to so far and your life can truly become what you are dreaming of; your potential is limitless.

There is no reason why you should accept an unhappy life, remain in humiliating relationships or stay in a job that bleaches your life. There is no reason why you should accept suffering or unhappiness as inevitable.

Even if you do not fully understand this yet, know that the roots of your problems can be found and healed within you. You can do this for yourself and by yourself. But if you don’t know how to do it, you will get stuck where you are. 


To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrongJoseph Chilton Pearce

I want to empower you to learn how.

I have a special gift, I can see through people. I can see what they are truly and fully capable of. And when they see it too, they are usually very eager to make it happen, building the happiness and success that belongs to them. 

In addition to this, I recently invested in a really effective and quick tool to overcome limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, fears and lack of trust and esteem. This magic tool is called Rapid Transformational Therapy. The method, developed by Marisa Peer over the last 30 years, is currently getting official recognition in the clinical space and combines hypnosis with NLP and psychotherapy in a single powerful session that produces instant results. 

Using RTT, I can free people of the conditioning of past traumas that can manifest in their lives through sickness, ailments, phobias, addictions, limiting beliefs, insecurities, lack of confidence and self esteem, problems with weight and food and many other issues.

I care deeply about happiness because I believe happiness gives life a completely different flavour. I know that many people do not believe they deserve happiness. 

If you have this perspective – not feeling worthy or deserving of happiness – or if you believe that happiness only belongs to those who achieve certain results or possess a certain level of wealth, I ask you to give me the chance to prove you wrong. 

I know that happiness is your birthright even if, until now, it has eluded you.

You cannot simply wait for happiness or expect it to come along; your happiness is already inside of you, but it can only be unfolded. And I want to show you how to do this.

I have a dream that I nurture every day: my dream is to contribute to a shift towards a more respectful society and to a more empowered humanity. The main ingredient to creating this result is people. I know that when people are free and capable of thinking autonomously, when people are confident and believe in their talents, they are willing to take care of something bigger than themselves and to contribute to a greater good. My daily commitment is to help make people aware of their inner personal power and limitless potential in order to manifest a more respectful and peaceful world.

According to this, I offer special support to women and families because they are on the frontline, able to create a better future. 

I want to help women build faith and trust in themselves, in their vision and personal strength. I want to help them overcome their insecurities and become able to make decisions with better peace of mind. I want them to feel completely happy and satisfied in any role they decide to play, expelling any sense of inferiority or guilt.

With regard to parents, I want to help them feel more confident in offering their children a positive example of growth. As much as you love your children, you cannot protect them for the rest of their lives. Your main role is helping them to develop autonomy, a sense of responsibility, vision, resilience and resourcefulness to be at ease in dealing with the profound changes they will inevitably be exposed to.

My vision and my personal mission are carved in two words: self empowerment.