Tegan - London (money and abundance)

My session was to do with money and abundance. We went into my childhood to where the ‘blocks’ were created. Memories came up that i didn't even remember and it was so powerful to release them and tell my inner child it was all okay. Once I had forgiven and released these memories I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and I felt so light and tender. It was very powerful healing, for the next few days I was very tired and sensitive as my body released the blocks.

Then I progressively noticed that my fears and worries had subsided and that lots of opportunities to grow were presenting themselves to me. My fear has basically gone and my relationship with money and abundance has grown since then.

I found the delivery of the RTT therapy amazing. Annalisa delivered it in a calm and tranquil surrounding.She allowed me as the receiver of the RTT to feel safe, cared for and at ease. Her tone of voice and pitch was therapeutic which allowed me to relax and let go enabling the therapy to be successful.

I would highly recommend Annalisa to other people. This has changed my way of living and is a tool that I can use and keep referring to each day.

Susi - London (energy block and physical pain in the knee)

I have received two amazing sessions with Annalisa.

The first was to focus on an energy block I experienced in my solar plexus area – this was of an unknown origin and did not relate to any physical symptoms, but was limiting my flow of energy in meditation. Under Annalisa’s expert regression I recovered a searing memory from centuries ago, My energy block was a tangled emotional legacy from this experience – a mixture of guilt, shame, responsibility, sorrow and failure. There were elements of power, religion and betrayal all compounded into a heavy ball in my stomach.

During this regression my solar plexus area was shaking and buckling with deep spasms as the energy was located, named and released and the entire experience was reframed.

The change in my state was immediate and lasting. My abdominal area has been calm with flowing energy since then.

The second session Annalisa offered me was to address my difficulty with a very painful knee joint, which was limiting movement (I normally enjoy a free and relaxed stride) and causing me to limp.

Under regression I revisited three lives in which I had suffered a knee condition. In a way, all three felt crushed by experience. The lesson to be learned from these lives was the need for me to “Stand on my own two feet”. This insight provided a real shift, and given that in this life I have had to do a great deal of standing on my own two feet, it felt that this pattern too had been redeemed, completed.

A glorious extension of this transformational sessions have been the recording that Annalisa provided, to reinforce the release of the old patterns, to bless the entire body and to induce a state of blessedness and healing.

The very next day my right leg was entirely fine, load-bearing and happy!

I would totally recommend this approach because it seeks out and heals the source of the problem, and then is lavish in pouring healing and love into it. As a therapy it is intensive, successful in achieving remarkable results and has a blessedness about the way Annalisa conducts it. She is a phenomenal and gifted therapist.
The RTT approach relies on the sensitivity, dedication and brilliant insight of the practitioner, who navigates the subject through the recovered material, help the person to make meaningful connections, holds the wider field and creates a supremely safe and compassionate space for the work to take place.

Mikael - London (smoking addiction)

I decided to give RTT a chance after 20 years as a smoker and several attempts to quit without success. I quit smoking immediately, despite the fact that for the past 20 years I have always smoked at least one cigarette every day. I quit smoking on the day of the therapy, and although in the following days I had moments when I thought about smoking or the situations I associated with smoking (for example coffee, drinks with friends who smoke etc.), I was more aware of what triggered my desire to smoke, but above all I had the tools to deal with that desire. Within a couple of weeks, the urge itself was gone.

I would recommend this therapy to other people with my same problem: it is a therapy in which you are always in control of what you do, think, say, and above all it worked for me. I don't see any risks and I haven't had any side effects.

Mirco - Bergamo (sense of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence)

I approached the RTT session to understand an old discomfort of mine: the sense of inadequacy towards known, consolidated but also new work situations. The fear of not being up to them.

The session completely solved the problem: the fact of being accompanied gently and progressively to the origin where it all began, made it very clear why I developed this feelings and conditioning.

The change has been progressive, I almost didn't notice it, I believe that the confidence in the RTT system and the total lack of anxiety regarding the results have progressively created a new serenity and self-confidence in me.
I would recommend this therapy, because I believe it helps everyone to discover his resources, his potential, his gifts, without creating superstructures or false myths.

We have everything we need to change inside ourselves.

Elvira - Catania (fear of dying)

I chose an RTT session because I had read about hypnosis and how in this state we can dialogue with our subconscious brain. I read about Marisa Peer and the RTT method and online I found some experts. I was a little wary and I wanted to talk with some of them on the phone to get more informations about them.

For decades my issue has been the fear of dying. After the phone talks I chose Annalisa Ponti, because she is well informed and trained, but also kind and reassuring. Now after two months I am beginning to see the results that are solid. I am no longer afraid and the consequent depressive mood disappeared.

Day by day this fear / depression system is crumbling. I have greater acceptance of my symptoms which are slowly vanishing.

My change is taking place progressively.

I admit that I was lucky and well guided in choosing Annalisa. I began to recommend this therapy to others because it is effective and fast. I am sure that great changes can be achieved with the right perseverance.

Leonilde Bari (anxiety)

I read a lot about this method and came to the conclusion that it could bring benefits to my general state and take away the anxiety that was part of my life.

The session completely solved my problem and I have learnt to better manage my thoughts and feelings.

I highly recommend this therapy because feeling good is so important to face any event in life.

Dino Cagliari (childhood fears)

I chose a RTT session to be able to resolve some of my childhood fears and improve my inner dialogue.

The session helped me solve my problem and I can say that I made a real leap forward in my personal growth.

After the session I felt lighter, but the real change happened after I listened to the recording for the prescribed period.

I would recommend RTT to anyone who wants to get rid of fears, improve their emotional state and improve their general well-being.

Silvia Varese - (self-confidence)

I decided to entrust myself to Annalisa because she has a contagious charisma: she lives and expresses with her experience the change she speaks of.

Other than that, I felt inconclusive and sensed that the reason was not in what I was doing but in how I was doing it. I was not sick but I wanted to improve and I wanted something that was not based on rationality, perseverance and method.

The session was a beautiful experience. It helped me become aware of what I missed in my teenage years. Such a great and painful absence with which I learned to live by building self-restraints and barriers to hide the wounds.

I noticed the change happening a little bit at a time and, after months, I still know it is happening. I became particularly aware of it one day when an announcement of a program focused on self-esteem came before my eyes. Unlike usual, I was not attracted to it. Finally I felt "enough", adequate to who I am and what I’m doing.

The session with Annalisa is first of all an experience that brings you closer to yourself. It helps you discover episodes and emotions that you had buried in your mind. This makes you aware and in control of your choices. Then you need to rebuild and even in this Annalisa knows how to be positive but practical and honest. I really recommend this experience.

Federica - Bergamo (frustration of feeling useless)

I have experienced this type of therapy twice and in both cases it has worked perfectly.

I am appreciating the benefits day after day, a real change took place in me that I had not grasped at the beginning but then it revealed itself in all its power; now I love myself much more, I listen to myself much more, I consent to my true essence to emerge. It is a feeling that can apparently disarm you but that gives you incredible strength and determination.

I immediately recommended this therapy to other friends and family members that, as me, largely benefited from this experience and I keep recommending it.

Sofia - Sassari (fertility)

I chose a RTT session because I wanted to get pregnant but I haven’t had a regular cycle for many months.

The session lightened my mind by helping me to unravel the knots that I had created as a child. Thanks to hypnosis, today I am more aware, I have greatly improved the relationship with my mother who was emotionally at the cause of the my infertility problem and I finally understood what I had never seen before. Thanks to all of that I have become stronger.

After listening to the recording for 21 days, the cycle came very abundant, and since then it has been regular. For other reasons I had to postpone the pregnancy project, but RTT made me aware of how receptive and suggestible my mind is.

I warmly recommend the treatment as it has been so relevant and important for me.

Patrizia - Varese (depression, self-esteem)

I chose a RTT session because I liked the idea that it could quickly solve problems that I have been dragging on for almost all my life. After years and years of psychotherapy and numerous other attempts, reading books, workshops and group therapies, I felt the need to go to the bottom and try to better understand the origin of the problems that I was experiencing: depression, very low self-esteem and a sense of ineffectiveness.

The therapy has certainly helped me to understand what the core roots were. I cannot say that I have completely transformed them yet, but I have certainly gained greater awareness and already changed some negative mental attitudes of mine.

I noticed the change happening progressively, assuming quite naturally different behaviours compare to the past. I’m feeling relived.

I would certainly recommend this therapy to other people.

Cristina - Verona (self-esteem)

The RTT session helped me to solve some problems that were in my subconscious and that didn't want to go out. What I brought to the surface was draining my energy and I didn't notice it before.

I finally faced my fears and by working on them and listening to Annalisa's recording I was able to work out and overcome those limits.

The change happened after 3 months, but Annalisa had warned me that the reaction to the therapy can be immediate, progressive or happening after a while.
Let's say it was a continuous progress because after three months I saw the first changes and then everything accelerated wonderfully.

I would recommend this therapy to any person who wants to discover and heal the wounds they keep bringing around from the past..