Choosing Yourself

A 5-week online course that helps you develop a more effective and proactive mindset with regard to making your dreams, plans and goals happen, helping you to face and resolve anything that troubles you. You have the ability to be successful in life, to reach out for all you desire and face all your challenges with peace of mind. The reason why currently this only happens randomly is an inner issue: you haven’t yet mastered the “how to”, or you are letting your fears and limiting beliefs interfere with your results (or a combination of the two).

Through the work we will do together you will learn to master your resources and how to leverage them; you will begin to understand and neutralise the root of the mental sabotage that, so far, has prevented you from being where you want to be with full satisfaction. The program will help you to clarify what has true value for you and build a personal strategy to align yourself to these results.

Why choose this course? Because you are confused regarding which direction to take, because you have problems that are keeping you awake, because you feel insecure and you want to gain more confidence in yourself, because you feel overwhelmed and stuck, because you have a tremendous curiosity to know yourself better and to spend your talents and gifts in a more powerful way. The course is a great route into a more “present”way of living. This simply means feeling in balance and at peace with your life while you are exploiting your full potential.

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