You are not alone

There are two fundamental aspects of our ordinary existence that take enormous power away from us: having not self-esteem and feeling different, inadequate and alone. Both are the subtle but sophisticated "gift" of our educational-cultural-social system that plays a strong role in developing a sense of individual inadequacy and vulnerability, to which it can respond with a precise system of rules and suggestions that allow it to keep us under control and funnel our life energy into its purposes. 

It's easy: if you are disoriented and I offer you the solutions, I become your point of reference and I can ask you to do your part in exchange. We were born and raised in a patriarchal and directive system, where complying with the rules seemed to be the right thing to do. But now the suggestions are becoming orders, and those who do not obey are punished, denying them what the human being fears most: a sense of belonging or making them experience discrimination and exclusion. The smokescreen that has taken us to this extreme is the apparent health emergency that justifies a more rigorous and coercive attitude being taken by institutions.

What I see behind the smoke is much more complex and wonderful.

Behind the smoke there is a powerful and unstoppable collective consciousness awakening that for decades has been leading individuals to recognise the true nature and value of their existence. We are finally and inexorably reconnecting with our energetic-spiritual essence that frees us from belonging to any system and from the obligation to contribute energetically to someone else's games. In concrete terms, this means compromising and collapsing a system of millennial benefits in favour of a limited elite who have enriched themselves and benefited from the abundance of this wonderful planet to the detriment of all others.

What does this awakening of consciousness imply? It involves developing a supra-human knowledge of oneself. It implies understanding how the human being is in reality a very sophisticated multi-dimensional being equipped with human and divine consciousness who has no need to be appreciated and esteemed by others in order to exist. Instead, the human needs to recognise his or her true essence, that which makes him or her complete, adequate, and powerful by default.

Do you understand how this acknowledgement turns the system upside down? If you are a free being, perfectly capable of appreciating yourself and valuing your abilities and the purpose of your life, you no longer have any need to be guided and directed by anyone, you no longer have any debt of gratitude towards those who offer you rules and solutions. You no longer have any need to give your life and your energy to enriching a few to the detriment of many. If you truly become aware of who you are, of your true creative essence, of the power of your passions and your soul, you build a physical life following your intuition, your preferences and the purpose of your incarnation. Consequently, the old system inevitably disintegrates because it is in fact a ‘slave’ system, where a few manage and the others work for them. We have been the unwitting ‘minions’ of masters for a long time.

The pandemic is the last shot they could fire to prevent us from achieving greatness. They have used the ancestral fear of death to terrorise us, silence us, segregate us, force us to obey. But it does not work. The awakening of consciousness goes on inexorably and the awareness it brings annihilates the concept of death itself. Death is in fact a process of transformation to a higher state of existence, so it becomes a reward, no longer a condemnation. But it is not only that: in exasperating their intervention against all logic and necessity, they have further pushed individuals to ask questions, to enquire about why there is so much rigidity, urgency and gravity in the face of a simple virus. Asking questions is the first and fundamental step of awakening. So their strategy has become a boomerang because it accelerates the awakening of the consciousness they wanted to offset.

We are living a truly incredible historical moment: the dissolution of many major systems and the return to the possibility of creating a life experience that is fair, harmonious, balanced, beautiful for everyone and not just for a few.

How do we make sure we don’t miss this opportunity? In my opinion, the only necessary thing to do is to understand who you are, look inside yourself and not outside to the chaos. Sort out everything that does not allow you to be calm inside, in balance with your human and divine resources, finally become enthusiastic about creating a life in your image and likeness. 

Never before has the ability to create something new been as tangible and concrete as it is now. There are thousands of people like you who wish to play outside the old box. A powerful community finally inspired by consciousness and love. We just have to remain united, calm and walking forward, one step after another without accepting any compromise.

You are not alone, look around and become finally aware of it.

(pic courtesy Unsplash - Hannah Busing)

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