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"Little Women" are growing...

I love this work; it keeps me in constant contact with people eager to expand, to grow and experiment.

And many of these people are women. Beautiful, creative, passionate women that for the same reason feel troubled, frustrated and anxious. It is natural, normal and positive that they are experiencing these negative emotions. 

The pressure you feel, the stress and the doubts, also notify you of the discomfort you're forcing yourself into in accepting what you have got and what you have built so far and in not allowing yourself to grow beyond that.

Your negative feelings are a blessing because they tell you about the life, the enthusiasm and the creativity you own but you are not giving space to.

Believe me, feeling uncomfortable in the current environment is a great indicator because it means you have a subconscious desire and yearning for expression that goes beyond the standard, the known, the already seen and the already done.

Women are becoming aware of themselves and of their own diversity, not as a gender, but as a soul.

That is a very important evolutionary step. Our grandmothers fought for our rights, our mothers made their first appearance in the labour market and we, our generation, has expanded in almost all professions; but now we feel a strong desire to stop fitting into the system and to make it evolve, incorporating more feminine features such as kindness, attention, sensitivity, empathy and cooperation.

It's the right time to stop feeling different and to stop fitting in, forgetting your unique value to the role you are performing.

It's the right time to recognise your talent and to stop trying to respond to someone’s else expectations.

It’s the right time to make room for your dreams.

It's the right time to stop believing that you are not enough, or you are not doing enough, or you are not perfect.

It's the right time to give yourself attention and care and to build confidence in yourself and in your projects because even your small but important contribution could change the world.

It really is the right time because there are so many other women like you who are already doing this; you can stop feeling alone, you can find inspiration and tips, sharing ideas and getting support.

We live in a time of huge opportunities. The only important and fundamental thing is to understand yourself a little better, to understand what truly has value for you, to reconsider what is blocking you and to clear away the doubts that keep stopping you.

You have no idea how my heart sings when I see a woman finally understand how to go further and embrace with confidence and enthusiasm the step that keeps calling her. And I know that this is exactly your call: finding the courage to align to your inner truth and let your light, your passion, your enthusiasm shine so that you can expand in your full essence and happiness.

(Picture Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection)

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