What you sow, you reap

How many times have you heard this saying? But have you truly realised what it means? This is not a simple saying from our grandparents; it is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. It explains with enormous clarity and simplicity that you – nobody else – are the architect of what happens in your life.

Your thoughts, your words, your actions are seeds that you distribute daily everywhere that become the flowers and fruits that your future will make you see and taste. Look around and take in the quality of the life you have in your present, because what you see is what you have sown in the past. There is not a punishing God, you are not the innocent victim of other people's evil; you are a co-creator, probably unaware or not yet aware of your enormous creative power. What is in your life has a link with your vibrational energy; it could not be otherwise. And if what you see is unwanted, it's time to ask yourself when/how/why you sowed it.

Of course, the circumstances are not only your fault, but you have responsibility in everything you experience. The sooner you understand this and stop inventing excuses and justifications, the sooner your life will be able to really become what you want because you will stop sowing what you don't want.

Things don't happen by chance, people that come into your life aren't coincidences. Everything is an answer to what you unconsciously or consciously ask for in terms of vibration. Your fears bring you what you fear, your worries too. But in the same way, dreams come true if you feed them with an enthusiasm as great as your fears.

Why is it so urgent to understand this now? Because we are at a fundamental crossroads: we can feed the fear and create a future full of ever greater problems, or we can stop believing what many would like us to believe (that we are powerless victims of what is happening) and understand that the future will be equal to our most beautiful dreams if we sow the seeds of this instead of fears and the worries. Einstein taught us this when he said: "imagination is more powerful than knowledge". What can you imagine, what do you want to imagine, what do you choose to imagine?

I already live in the world I choose to imagine. My future world is a world made up of free and aware people who have understood their true power and have stopped wasting their potential. A world of happy people, because they have the freedom to be who they really are, without compromising. A world of fulfilled people, because they are free to do what they were born to do. How can I live in a world like this? I sow it every day. Every day my only intention is to live as a free person and to help someone else do the same.

There is nothing that matters to me more than this. All my energy goes in this direction. I have no time for anything else. I sow clarity and awareness. I water it with passion, enthusiasm and love. And my garden is full of flowers, because there are many people who have awakened to this understanding, accepting it with new eyes and letting go of what prevented them from sowing their happiness.

Do I live in an illusion? No, I just live in another possibility and the more I feed it, the more I grow it. This choice also belongs to you, it belongs to each of us. You can accept what you see and believe that it is the only possible reality, or you can choose to create a different reality and believe it so fully that it becomes your reality.


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  • Annalisa 03/08/2020 10:11am (4 years ago)

    Thank you Melissa! I'm so happy and proud of your creations!!!

  • Melissa M 02/08/2020 2:18pm (4 years ago)

    This is fantastic. While some may see this article as “time to step up and create the right life”, I look around and use it as acknowledgement that I successfully have. It’s just a great reminder of self responsibility for our entire lives. Very nice article x

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