The special effects of meditation

Since my last powerful experience I feel I can no longer keep to myself something that most of us still ignore: everyone has the ability to transform and overcome whatever is not working in their lives. Everyone. No one is excluded. But fighting, effort, trying hard, is not the road. The right road passes through recollection and silence. What, in practical terms, many of us call meditation.

These days everyone talks about meditation courses or sessions and you can even download phone apps that help you practice it daily, but do you really understand the true power of meditation?

Although I have devoted years of my life to self-discovery and self-development, I didn't do this until very recently. I had practiced various styles of meditation, but, excluding the natural benefits of feeling more relaxed and more centred in myself, I had not grasped the deep inestimable value that meditation has.

Meditation is the channel of connection with the superhuman part of you. It is the wifi network that allows you to explore the depth of the universe and your energetic nature and get into direct contact with it. In my ignorance I believed that only people with certain characteristics could transcend into the states of higher consciousness, have contact with divine and metaphysical experiences, receive guidance and direction from higher dimensional states. Yet in fact this possibility exists for each of us if we are able to look beyond identification with our body and its needs. If you learn to transcend the feeling of physicality and all that defines it, such as the stimuli of the five senses, and to trust in abandoning yourself to the unknown, you will be able to find your way beyond that border.

I have participated in a week of experimentation in this direction and I still have a heart full of gratitude for all that I have witnessed. There is a world full of love that we keep ourselves away from only because we are ignorant and afraid. It is the vibration of these two mental states that prevents us from going further and perceiving what already belongs to us by nature. If we can open our perception and trust and surrender ourselves to curiosity and surprise, re-establishing contact with our true root and greatness is absolutely possible, and from that contact we return healed, enlightened, restored, clean, elevated, at peace and full of love. The awareness with which we come back from that experience is one of being "home".

So, in every moment of your life, you can "go home" and from that place you can solve every physical, emotional and psychological problem. You just need to find your way back home. 

What do you need to find your way back? 

Curiosity, trust and discipline. Without curiosity towards yourself, towards existence, towards your own potential, you remain where you are. Without trust in the unknown, you allow fear to block you on the threshold. Without discipline and willpower you allow your body, its complaints and justifications, to keep you in the "comfort zone" that you have created.

What should you forget along the way to facilitate this connection? 

Identification with the body and with the ego. You cannot create a connection with your energy matrix whilst you are only convinced of the reality of your individuality. Identification keeps you separate from the whole. You must lose yourself in nothing in order to find yourself everywhere. And being able to take the first step is believing that you belong to the whole and you are part of it, a physical manifestation of a divine and superior energy. The body is just the perception you have of yourself. Very concrete indeed, but very limited.

What should you learn to do to progress along this road? 

Raise your energy frequency. Quickly enter a state of high vibrational frequency. Overcoming and rising from all the dense emotions that crush you to the ground, such as anger, frustration, hatred, despair, helplessness, victimhood, greed, arrogance, and return to bloom in the feeling of joy, gratitude, love. In brief, move from fear to love and let love fill you and saturate you to the core. When you feel like this you have begun the journey and if you can leave every thought on the ground, every concern, urgency and sensorial stimulus, then you are ready to finally meet that part of you that belongs to a different dimension, the part of you that is in contact with the whole, the part of you that knows why you are here and needs nothing because it has always been complete.

This is the part of you that belongs to God and is an expression of that. From that meeting you return with everything you want, because that part is potentiality in its pure state. It is wholeness. It is infinite love. I have seen people heal before my eyes, splendidly ordinary men and women recounting encounters with the divine, energy flowing like an electric current in their bodies, tears of joy flowing down their faces. 

Yes, we are ready for this. We are finally ready to remember who we are.

(Pic credits Unsplash - Artem Kovalev)

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