The meaning of Happiness

What do you mean when you talk about happiness? What do you need to make you happy? What are the ingredients you require? Do you know what happiness is for you? Do you associate it with a feeling? Is happiness a state of awareness for you? Is it the defeat of a fear? Or is it the capacity to love without fear? Do you associate happiness with things or people? What exactly do you mean by ‘being happy?’

Talking about happiness or the lack of it seems so simple, but if you consider these questions seriously you will discover that a clear definition of happiness is not so simple. Most of us get into definitions that negate our personal happiness because we condition it to some external circumstances in our lives, or make it dependant on someone else’s will. 

True happiness is never dependant; it is a state of mind that you can only reach when you are totally free to be yourself and totally free to be aligned and at peace with the universal laws that regulate life on this planet. What does that mean? It means going beyond any limiting belief you own regarding yourself (going beyond your personality and your wounds), accepting and loving who you are as you are, and understanding that life is going to offer you positive and negative experiences, whether you have been good or bad, just because they are part of the ‘full board experience’ you have chosen by coming here.

Happiness is a choice that you make every day when you open your eyes; it is a frequency, a vibration you tune into with your heart. It has nothing to do with what will happen during your day, the goals you will achieve, the rewards you will get, the things your money can buy or the experiences you collect. All these things can enhance it, but the lack of them should not take your happiness away if you understand the true meaning of being alive on this planet.

It is like being part of a performance. The actors in a drama aren’t less happy or satisfied than the actors in a romantic comedy. Being true to the role they play is what makes them happy.

Are you true to your identity in this life? Are you able to honour your values, respect your words, walk your talk? Are you able to see the meaning of your relationships, the value of your suffering, the information hidden in your challenges? Life is a treasure hunt. Every element is important to get to the end and discover your treasure. 

If you learn to be curious about the real rules of the game, which are not those that the human mind has crafted over the centuries, but instead those that the nature of the universe in its perfection has developed for us, you will soon realise the perfection of every moment of your life exactly as it is and only then will the meaning of happiness no longer elude you.

(Pic courtesy Jurica Koletic for Unsplash)

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