The Magnetism of Your Attention

If the Intention lets you choose the why, your ATTENTION or FOCUS is what brings the WHAT closer to you. 

Have you ever developed a new interest in something? Let’s say you start to think about a city you wish to visit... You play with the idea of going to Rome one day and imagine yourself walking on the Spanish Steps, throwing pennies in the Trevi fountain and enjoying “aperitivo” in Campo dei Fiori as the locals do. You fantasize about it for days and what will start to happen is that you will find information about Rome popping up from nowhere, you will probably see a movie set in Rome without knowing it in advance, you will meet a friend of a friend that is Italian and, surprise surprise, he comes from Rome!... the story goes on... 

No, it is not a trick. It is just your brain. It is the way it works. When you decide to focus on something it starts to optimizing information for you: it filters the thousands of inputs you receive from the external world every day and submits to your attention what you instructed it (consciously or unconsciously) to find for you. 

Isn’t that magic?! Yes it is!!!  But PAY ATTENTION here please! This works for EVERYTHING you are focusing on. And for EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING. Every kind or type of thought

Are you constantly worried or obsessed by something? There it is on your plate. 

“I hate this man, I cant’t bear him... he makes me feel sick...” ten minutes later, the man in question enters in your office. 

“I’m late, I’m worried and stressed” and there you are: you miss the bus, you twist an ankle, you get stuck in a long queue... 

What you focus on you get. 

So beware on what your mind is focusing on!

Learn to consciously direct your thoughts where you want to get results. Clear up all the clutter from your internal screen: no worries, no fears, no negative thoughts, no gossip, no whining... These are distractions (and they could have fatal effects as well!).

Use your intention to decide the reason and the quality of what you intend to achieve, and focus your attention exactly on the WHAT you want. 

The more you become selective, conscious, deliberate and passionate, the more you will experience exactly what you want... 

Have you ever wondered why successful people always get what they want? Because they are obsessed with being successful! 

A little tip for you: this is what I do when I wish to experience something that is emotionally and logically important to me: first I explore why I want it (the intention) and then if that sounds true to me I give it undivided attention. I make it become my sweet obsession: I visualize it, I play with the details, I imagine myself getting it and experiencing it. I measure how happy that makes me feel. All of this builds a bridge between me and the focus of my thoughts... 

Try it to believe it...


- to be continued -