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The Magical Power of Your Intention

Here we are, as promised I’m back to help you master your Super-Powers and the first on stage is: Intention.

What is intention? Intention is the purpose behind an action. Is the “reason why” you intend to move in a certain direction or not, do something or not. 

If you get membership to the gym because you want to lose weight and get fitter, your intention is slightly different from getting the membership because you have a crush on the spinning class instructor and you want to get closer to knowing him. These are both right and valid intentions but, as you can see, they will dictate quite a different course of action... 

So choosing your intention makes you become CLEAR regarding what you want to achieve and help you to define your DIRECTION.

If you want "Mr Hottie" to invite you out in a couple of weeks time, you need to attend every spinning class on the schedule between now and then...

Knowing your intention keeps you on track, fuels your motivation and gives you full control as to the way to behave in order to achieve your target (do I choose the pink outfit today or the purple one, which one makes me feel more attractive???).

But it is not just that! When you choose your intention you are doing something extremely powerful: you are selecting the OUTCOME you want. You are stating it LOUD and CLEAR (I want a date with the gym instructor!). 

As a consequence you are narrowing your focus on this goal. Your attention, energy and time will be aligned toward this common direction, making your action more efficient and multiplying the probability of your being successful. (After 28 spinning classes in 2 weeks I'm sure he will spell your name right, at least!)

If you know your intention you will be less distracted, more inspired and energized and you will gallop toward your target, putting in place the right strategies to get there. This is possible because your brain, instructed by your intention, is filtering the world outside yourself, picking up all you need to achieve what you want.

A few days into starting your gym routine you already know some of Mr Hottie’s little habits, the songs he likes, the brands and colours he prefers to wear, how much water he drinks, how much he smiles...

Having clear intentions is a great way to be master of the show.

In choosing your intention ask yourself, what is the outcome you want to achieve, but also who you want to be and how you want to feel throughout the process. 

You are ok for dinner in two weeks time, but by that time you want to have a flat tummy and the smiling confidence to wear those stilettos that have been hiding in your wardrobe since 2010... 

Build the habit of setting intentions all the time: if you have to take the tube during rush hour: set the intention to find a seat close to the door and be able to breathe through the entire journey. If you are the guest speaker at an important event: set the intention to feel passionate and inspired and "light their fire". If you have to face a delicate discussion with your wife: set the intention to get out alive. 

You will be surprised how much, by doing so, the final outcome will become more aligned to your intention! I promise. (and so you will have proof that this is a super-power!)

PS: in writing this piece I chose the intention to stimulate your curiosity and make you smile. Did I achieve my goal??!!


- to be continued -