The darkness of winter

We are entering it. Days are getting colder and shorter. Skeletal silhouettes of bare, dark trees stand out against white skies… Winter is coming as everything slows down and freezes, as if nature is holding its breath and dying out. But it's just a break. We know this so well, because we have experienced countless springs and summers after winters, even after the harshest ones. Life is cyclical, life slows down but does not die; it just changes shape and transforms and evolves continually. Springs are different year after year. You never go back to the same point. Life evolves in spirals through cycles. And every year the same tree stretches even closer towards the light.

We too are trees growing towards the light. The winter can be tough, long, merciless and painful, but within us the life that is pushing and pressing will be reborn.

I can feel the chill in some of your hearts. The latest news is not creating positive vibes. You may feel deflated and scared again. For a moment you have forgotten that you are trees and you will inevitably return to grow, to cover yourself with buds and bloom. Winter is just transitory.

Don't forget who you are.

You are LIFE itself. Life ALWAYS finds a way to flourish. Curl up, look within. Winter is made for this, for staying warm, gathering strength, regenerating energy, regaining momentum. Look inside and take care of yourself. Nourish yourself, walk in the woods and play with the snow that will come, turn on the light inside your house and open your door to the poor travellers that the storm catches unprepared. Read, reflect, meditate, contemplate, pray. Life keeps pulsating underground, in your inner earth.

Sow thoughts of love. Sow projects of solidarity, sharing, inclusion, beauty, harmony.

Outside it's a harsh and difficult winter, but inside you can carry all the softness you want.

This is a special winter. It is a winter of profound transformation; it is a winter of transition that requires maximum concentration and energy. This is why the outside world screams so loud and winter seems so dark. To distract you. To steal your concentration and vital energy. Don't give your concentration away. They are using the usual weapon: fear. Don’t buy into it. Stay connected with your core. There is nothing you can desire more than your serenity, harmony, the end of pain, suffering and agony. There is nothing more beautiful than rebirthing. This is what your spring will bring you if you stay focused on yourself and you shut out all the noise that comes from outside.

Every winter has its spring. This is a certainty. But to be reborn in your full potential you must remain focused on yourself, protecting your core energy, nourishing your heart with good thoughts, with true affection and love. Make yourself warm with big dreams.

So many of us are imagining a world that is finally different. Each one of us is adding a beautiful and powerful detail to the collective design. The more the dream feeds on our energy, the more it becomes real, ready to manifest itself. But we must not and cannot afford to contaminate the energy nurturing it. What happens outside shouldn’t concern us. We are busy doing something else. We are focused on creating a spring like never before.

My heart draws close to yours and wherever you are it whispers to you that everything is fine. There is an incredible strength in this patience because it is nourished by absolute trust and a sense of sharing that goes beyond all boundaries. We are trees and our roots embrace, touch and caress each other, even under the snow.

(pic credits Fabrice Villard for Unsplash) 


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