Living without certainties

2020 is presenting you with a gigantic evolutionary challenge. It is asking you to overcome the default scheme of your brain – relying on the certainty of what is familiar – to learn to rely on your ability to face anything, even the most unexpected and monumental trial, with the confidence that you will make it.

Why do I consider this to be an evolutionary challenge? Because developing absolute confidence in one’s potential is the necessary step for anyone who wants to get to the finish line, overcome all fears, to become truly invincible. All the journeys of heroes of every time and every culture have taught us this: David and Goliath, Theseus and the Minotaur and, in more recent times, Neo in The Matrix.

What does this transition from the need for certainty to absolute self-confidence embody? The overcoming of your ego made up of needs, limits and fears. The overcoming of your conditioned self and your identification with the individuality of your body.

This is truly a historic moment that I would like to define as "sacred". For the first time, humanity at every level has the opportunity to grow and "ascend" to a "higher" level of consciousness and a different level. This crisis of global dimensions is sweeping away all the illusory certainties that kept us tied to defined personalities full of limitations. In past eras this possibility was offered only to the “enlightened”, to those who made their personal path of evolutionary and spiritual growth. The current circumstances are instead offering everyone the opportunity to understand how deep our true personal power is, far beyond what you are used to believing.

But the switch does require a radical change of skin, a complete dispossession. You have to relieve yourself of tonnes of certainties, emotional and physical addictions, beliefs, wounds, traumas, attachments. It is like being in an emergency situation: you cannot take anything with you.

And what is happening around you is actually forcing you to go precisely in this direction. You can no longer rely on what you used to do in a certain way, interpret in a certain way, face in a certain way. You no longer have certainties.

The only certainty you can hang onto is your belonging to a universal consciousness that goes beyond the singularity of your body and mind. You are a drop in an ocean of infinite potential.

Trust is the word that replaces certainty. Trust in your creative power, in your belonging to the expansive flow of life, trust in the immortality of your consciousness and in the divine nature of your soul.

Certainties crumble because they are illusory. Life is a dynamic flow, not a static frame. Your attachment to certainty is a symptom of fear and a need that is simply linked to the survival instinct. You are ready to go further. You are ready to experience a higher level of consciousness. How do you do that? You open your heart to receive the right directions. A crisis is a necessary breaking of patterns, but you have this GPS inside that will take you out of the chaos. Everyone will receive guidance; you just have to trust and listen to it.

(Pic Courtesy Christian Sterk for Unsplash)

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