From the love of power to the power of Love

This statement sounds like a play on words, but in reality it is a portal to dimensions of existence of immeasurable beauty. For those who understand it, and above all for those who have the desire and passion to integrate it into their life, this is the code that projects the human physical existence towards the possibility of experiencing heaven on Earth. This sentence contains the essence of the choice we can make to transform our experience of life on this planet from the hell we have created for years, to the space of peace, growth and evolution that each of us is longing for. Just reverse the two words. Just reverse the order of the factors and this time the result will change.

Try applying this to your life and see for yourself what happens.

Begin, for example, by letting go the need to be right. We all have this. We have a natural instinct to affirm our position and point of view. We cannot remain silent when we see something that in our opinion is not correct, is unfair, different from what we would do or expect. Our relationships are a constant power play that drain our energy every day. What if I told you that this is the classic decoy? This is a trap!

The more you are immersed in a struggle for the affirmation of yourself and your point of view, the less energy you have left to create your dreams and your best results. You cannot play on two tables, you cannot serve two masters. When you let yourself be dominated by the dynamics of power, you are entirely subject to the survival of your ego. And your whole life is reduced to a struggle, to the affirmation of your personality against that of others, to the concept of you against the world. This is the logic with which we grew up, with which we have been educated, but it is a trap. It is a sterile game that robs you of the vital and creative energy you possess to channel it into defence and attack.

You didn't come here for that. Your existence has a deeper meaning. You are a being with an energetic-spiritual identity that goes beyond the purely physical dimension and this identity has a creative-evolutionary agenda. You are here to experience the magic of exerting your creative power through a physical body, to design and build a life that amplifies your knowledge and growth. When you are trapped in the ego and survival mode, you waste your life energy in something that doesn't make you progress an inch. Yet this is how we are consumed every day in our lives: entirely identified with power play roles where we do our best to be seen, to be considered, to be appreciated and recognised by others.

The time has come to understand that the meaning of your life has never been this. You have accepted an involutionary rather than an evolutionary game. You were unaware of it. But now that the Light has come to illuminate the pitch, you are finally seeing it. You are finally understanding it. And the key that allows you to close the gap between your ego and your higher self is Love.

Love is much more than a romantic and conditioned feeling like the one you have probably experienced until now. Love is pure life energy. Love is what moves worlds and universes, what animates every living creature in any dimensional stage and at any level of consciousness. Love is energy of the highest vibration, the greatest power we can manifest. Nothing withstands Love because Love is the primordial nature of the energy that created all the visible and the invisible. When you recognise it and surrender yourself to Love, you are home.

There is nothing more powerful than Love. When you unconditionally love yourself and your body you heal from any disease. When you unconditionally love animals, plants, the nature that surrounds you, everything grows and becomes more beautiful, healthier, more luxuriant. When you love your fellows, war dissolves, selfishness disappears, lack ceases to exist. In Love, everything returns to balance.

We will never change the world with power. We have tried for millennia and kept failing. We can only transform it with Love, with the practice of the Love you are. What does this practice require?

First, understanding: the true rules of the game are not attack and defence, they are understanding and acceptance of the different perspectives that each of us has. No one is better or worse than anyone else; we are all different aspects of the same consciousness at different evolutionary levels.

Second, respect: respect and the ability to honour and welcome everyone's differences. Each being was created with a specific purpose that the others ignore, but we are all functioning in the same project. When we nullify the contribution of a part, we all lose out because each part is unique and irreplaceable.

Third, contribution or service: every life has a meaning, it is part of a larger organism, like the cells that make up the body that each have an individual and collective identity, purpose and function. When we don't do our part, the whole organism loses.

Fourth, enthusiasm, passion, joy: how can you not be taken, exhilarated and activated by the understanding that the meaning of life is to experience love in all its forms and dimensions? In those moments when you felt loved, time stopped and no longer counted, there was nothing else you desired. Love is completeness, a sense of absolute satisfaction. You are here to experience love in physical form. How many opportunities have you already lost?

Fifth, assumption of direct responsibility. The practice of love is a recognition: understand that you are a form of love and your task is to express it in your image and likeness, regardless of what others do or do not do. The time of comparisons and judgments is over, as well as that of apologies and justifications. In love, the only comparison that stands is that with yourself: could I love more in this circumstance?

I could go deeper in this reflection, but my aim is not to make you think, but to push you into being. Let go of everything you have learned to do so far and give yourself the experience of being completely the Love that you are. You will be amazed at what happens next...





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  • Inemesit Umofia 04/06/2021 1:55pm (3 years ago)

    Wonderful piece. Love is definitely a practice, a choice, and a responsibility. I have learned that in my life and I am still learning it. Thank you, Annalisa.

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