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Do You Fear...?

Hands up who is not afraid of anything. Fear is the most shared emotion in the world, it is behind all of the stress we experience daily.

We wouldn’t experience stress if we weren’t afraid of anything. We constantly fear that someone might know or take advantage of our weaknesses and our insecurities. We fear losing respect, consideration, affection. We fear of being rejected, abandoned, isolated. A good part of our fears are in reality a product of our imagination, but they are also deeply rooted in the need to be accepted and loved; a need that each one of us owns in their heart.

At work we are afraid of not being professional enough, of making mistakes, of being laid off, of failing... In our relationships we are afraid of being betrayed, criticised, exploited, not seen, not respected... In our lives we are afraid of losing what we have achieved, not having security for the future, dying alone...

But because we are unaware of who we are and the fact that true love can’t be taken away from us at all, we drown in hundreds of distorted beliefs that are growing out of our fears, until fear itself absorbs all our vital energy and makes us sick or pushes us into depression.

But in reality, if we really look it in the eyes, fear is our most faithful and accurate partner of evolution, because it is constantly pointing out our weaknesses, the ones that are blocking our full expression. If we start to notice and examine our fears and we question them, we could know, understand and discover where we are betraying and compromising our deeper truths.

Fear is really a huge indicator of the profound distance that we have created in ourselves: distance between who we really are and who we suppose we are because of all the conditioning we've digested, incorporated and accepted.

Fear turns and transforms you when you choose to understand the message encoded for you.

Fear is a great healing tool.

I will give you an example: you can spend your life building your financial security because you're obsessed with the fear of not having enough to live on when you grow old; you throw your best years into living for a job and building your retirement fund, denying yourself fun and leisure and then, a few steps from retirement the company that manages your money goes bust... What do you do? You could struggle and become desperate or you could unfold a talent, a desire, an unexpected strength that transforms your life... The shame has not seen it before… This talent was hidden behind your fear. 

We are incredibly resourceful and capable creatures, but to understand this you shouldn’t listen to the shared beliefs of your culture and society.

To understand your strength you have to look inside you and confront your fears, follow their roots, because there, you will find your treasure.

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