Being Busy is a Decision

"How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives," Annie Dillard. 

I could not help but stop years ago when I first heard these words.

The awareness hit me like a rock. 

Life is not something different from all the time that we use to be busy, to be stressed, to be angry, to criticise, to suffer, to be unhappy or dissatisfied. 

Life is not a different story. Life is the same story.

Being always busy, speeding at 200 kph in our life, pursuing one goal after another without ever enjoying the present properly is running at 200 kph against our death. 

Thank you very much, but I quit. 

I quit this madness. I quit a job that takes away the possibility that I will feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I quit a relationship that pays a small interlude of passion, but takes away my freedom and my air the rest of the time, I quit any situation that wastes my precious time. 

I want to go slowly, very slowly indeed.

I want to taste everything fully and broadly.

Being hyper-productive is a diktat in our society.

I choose efficiency instead: I choose to work less and earn more

Filling my diary with events, tasks, appointments, happenings and contacts is a must these days.

I choose to spend time with me and those I love the most because I don’t want to discover that I have wasted this time only when I don’t have it anymore.

Watching vapid quarrelling on TV, listening to the gossip of friends, criticising or judging others, believing what most people think… I'm not interested in that anymore, thank you.

I spend that same amount of time playing sports, reading things that I'm passionate about, feeling involved with people who enrich me.

I choose to choose all the time what makes me feel great. I won’t settle for less.  

Do you know the most beautiful thing I did today for a whole hour? I was sitting on the floor in my pyjamas looking at my kitten, who is just a few weeks old, play with his mother, a special show of tenderness and love that has filled my heart with joy and gratitude like nothing else can. 

My life is more important than any FB post and email.

Now that I choose, I’m in bliss.

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  • Annalisa 10/09/2014 9:53am (10 years ago)

    Thank you for your touching words and for sharing your amazing story with me and the others...

    This is exactly what I meant: finding the courage to take action, following our awareness and our heart and forgetting all the conditioning our life-style is feeding us with, is the key to gain our life back.

    In spite of everything we still own our freedom of choice and when we find the courage to exercise it, the world becomes the Paradise we have lost.

    I'm living my dream as you do, and I know that is absolutely possible.

    Guiding others in doing the same has become the core of my passion and my work.

  • A Friend 10/09/2014 8:45am (10 years ago)

    And that's why I chose to quit my job, move my family to the beach and spend as much time with those who make me smile.

    I just wish I had the means to encourage others to see that we only have one small fleeting moment here together. As a race we are the most destructive of all, we have lost our empathy and ability to love without reserve. Humanity has switched love to passion believing they are one and the same but they are far from the truth.

    Our continued drive for monetary gain and physical possessions has blinded us to our true purpose - to be together and live in harmony with the world and nature around us. Sitting on the sand by the beach, watching a seal bob gently on the surf yesterday, with gulls swooping overhead and my children giggling whilst fishing (they never catch anything) is a glimpse of the place I hope to spend all eternity - for if there truly is a heaven then sometimes we do catch a sliver of what it is like here on Earth. And, thanks to the media we are bombarded daily with snatches of hell in the battering we take to our souls of the heartache and pain endured by those in Gaza, Syria, throughout the Middle East and Africa.

    Thank goodness I chose to jump from the gravy train of being a career minded person, thank goodness I put family first and thank goodness I am young enough still to enjoy the life to come...

    What a depressing thought it would have been to reach retirement along with old age and find out that actually I had missed the point... And all those memories that are sliding past us all the time waiting for us to reach out and grab them!


    Love to love the Kitten!

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