Becoming a Woman

I haven't always loved being a woman. When I was a little girl, I found it more fun to mix and play with my cousin and his male friends than to waste time with pots and dolls.

Thanks to a competitive sport that I started at six years old, I spent most of my childhood and adolescence in tracksuits and trainers and I was perfectly comfortable in jeans and oversized sweaters. The female world has always interested me very little and I found crying and fragile girls annoying. For years I felt a certain regret at not being born a boy and in fact, for decades, I gave a lot of attention and space to the male component of my energy: determined, result-oriented, focused, dynamic, and that produced excellent practical results. The only thing that prevented me from feeling like a real tomboy was my hair, blond and feminine, I wore it long. 

But at some point, it was time for me to notice my femininity and take care of it. Discovering skirts and dresses and not feeling awkward wearing them, playing with colourful suits and standing out in the sea of ​​blues and greys of the trading rooms where I worked. At first, I opened this new door hesitantly, and then with more and more enthusiasm because I discovered that I liked being a woman a lot. 

Above all, I liked being able to combine the masculine aspects that I already understood I possessed with the empathy, intuition and sensitivity that now became increasingly evident in my behaviour. This was a real growth for me, acquiring more breadth of understanding on the magic of the woman universe. And I had to understand and overcome the trap of competition that for many years has been my biggest challenge. Working in finance, it was inevitable that I had to manage it. The operating model is masculine. It was necessary to demonstrate that you knew how to play by those rules in order to win. 

But the price was high. Winning women managed to keep little or nothing of their femininity, indeed in some cases they became more aggressive and ruthless than the men. This wasn't my way. In those days it was just an embryonic intuition, but I sensed that you can't really win if you lose yourself along the way.

It was wonderful to trust this intuition. I was able to focus on understanding what it really means to be a woman and bring feminine talent into everything I am and I do. Women are containers of so much strength and wisdom. They have often cultivated the patience and humility to stay behind the scenes whilst being the true directors of the lives of their children and husbands. 

Real women are not those who need the light of the stage; they work best when they can weave strategies and solutions undisturbed, without too much fuss. Men are always looking forward to new businesses and challenges, but the ones who build and keep the evolution going step by step are the women. I find the saying that "behind every great man there is always a great woman” to be deeply true, because the woman is the solidity that sustains the great man, the safe port that always welcomes him when he is tired and battered, without question. The woman is the one who nourishes, cares, embraces, welcomes, consoles and forgives a thousand times because she knows what it means to love.

Unfortunately, not all women are true women, because there is still too much confusion and too many lies in our culture. And he who really knows the power of the Woman has done everything to dishonour her, disempower her, impoverish her, suffocate her, diminish her, because he knows that against a real woman you can’t win.

I can now feel this ancestral and ancient call that has a female voice. It is a whisper that comes from far away, but it is awakening our conscience. It will soon become clearer and deeper and more women’s ears will hear it. It will be an invitation that calls together the women of every nation and every culture to reaffirm life, to ground peace. And the game will be over, the men will finally have to surrender; they played and they lost. A woman who understands her true nature is unstoppable because she is mother, origin, beginning of everything. Pure love that fears nothing because she is above everything.

I feel so privileged in my current role as a coach and mentor because of the daily opportunity I have to help women give birth to themselves in this new and powerful dimension. We are returning to an understanding of ourselves and understanding of each other, we are returning to comprehension of our greatness, stepping into it. I would definitely not want to be in any other place or role right now. What joy, what richness, what an honour to be born a woman and to keep growning into becoming a true Woman.

(pic credits Xan Griffin for Unsplash)

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  • Kasia 30/05/2022 8:50am (23 months ago)

    Annalisa, this is so powerful text, I have chills all over my body. We have so much in common it's unbelievable! You should write a book on this, the title is already there "Becoming a Woman" ;) LOVE IT!

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