Be where You Are

A few months ago I heard these words echoing very clearly in my heart. It was a suggestion, but in a tone that I could not ignore. It was a reminder of something I know but I can easily forget: be present to what you’re experiencing in the moment. This looks easy, but it’s not simple because you’ve been programmed to the opposite. You are unconsciously programmed to flip between memories (past) and programs (future) so in the present moment you’re not really present; your mind is wandering in the other two spaces. Stop for a second and just notice: what were you thinking 30 seconds ago? Was your mind in the past or the future, in memories or worries, or were you truly able to sense and enjoy what you were doing?

It’s incredible how much time we spend outside the present, and so we miss truly living. 

The monkey mind is constantly in movement trying to fix problems and projecting expectations, and in the meantime your body goes into autopilot, carrying you through daily life. Your mental, emotional and physical body are scattered and operate at different levels, depriving you of the possibility of truly experiencing life to the full. How many times have you got the feeling that time has passed so quickly you can’t even remember it? You were not living it. You were somewhere else; you were trapped in your thinking mind.

But this is not just a matter of time passing by and you not living it; the problem is much deeper than that. When you begin to explore the creative power of the human being, as I did, you start to understand that being present – having your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies in the same and only place – is the only way to truly manifest your creations as you want them to manifest. So if you don’t learn how to be present and how to master your intention and attention to direct your life energy into what matters most to you, you will spend your entire life living accidentally and just coping with the scattered results that your behaviours (emotions and beliefs) are generating for you.   

Being where you are is a necessity for a person who is awakening to the awareness of his or her personal power. And to do that you have to re-train yourself, because everything around you and most of the people around you are going in the opposite direction and trying to get you to join them. 

Being where you are is a choice that completely changes the way you live because it introduces the surprise factor into your life. You can play the same role you always do, but being different inside that role gives you a huge degree of freedom.

In being present, you alert your senses in a different way; you truly expand your capacity to feel, and doing so creates different experiences and opportunities all the time. When you are present you begin noticing so much more and you multiply the possibility of being yourself and adding your touch to life. And the side effect of this is that you cut off most of the unnecessary internal chatting and distractions of your mind. 

You could argue that in being present you may be unprepared for what is coming. Perhaps you believe that you need to plan based on past experiences. But this is wrong; when you are present you know what is coming because you are creating it on the basis of your vibration and intent; also, in being where you are, you have all your resources to hand to cope with the unexpected (that is still part of the game).

Being where you are is about learning to live in the way you were supposed to. Harnessing the power of your human mind and emotions at their best and fully tasting your experiences. Everything counts and, in every moment, if you are present, you can truly make the difference to your own life and someone else’s. 

(Pic Courtesy Ben White for Unsplash)

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