Be in Tune

It seems that this – being in tune – is the key to everything, the key to your success, your wealth, your happiness. The tuning. But what do you need to be in tune with?

You need to be in tune with yourself.

It is likely that nobody has ever told you that having a “lacking or abundant mentality” is simply a choice you make, so no one has ever explained to you that to be really happy you do not have to pursue anything outside of you, but just be in tune with your inner music and learn how to play it with courage and passion.

What is this music or inner resonance? It's your inner vibration. Each of us owns it and each of us has different shades. So it is literally impossible for someone to know how to live your life better than yourself, or to choose for you. Because they own a different music. I'm sorry to say this, because it can sound a bit scary, but you can’t delegate your choices to anyone.

Your inner "sound" tells you every moment whether what you are experiencing is aligned with you or whether you are teasing yourself, striving to make yourself believe that what you have rationally chosen is the best for you. Forgive and forget your head and your rational considerations. Your mind is not the most efficient at choosing. Your mind’s task is keeping you alive, not making you happy.

Your gut feeling is more accurate than your mind when it comes to making decisions: malaise or discomfort with people and situations are a clear signal that they aren’t appropriate for you. On the other hand, a sense of anticipation, joy or enthusiasm tells you that what you are about to do has value and is right for you. There is nothing absolutely right or wrong; there is simply what resonates true or good with you.

Are you trying to do something to please someone you love? If your effort is not a pure desire for generosity and love, you will surely feel negative feelings. Every time you force your "inner sound" to harmonise with what doesn’t make sense and doesn’t have value for you, you only get pain and heaviness. When you allow yourself to choose the best music in harmony with you, you get to a beautiful place of peace and happiness, even bliss.

If you understand this, you also understand how easy it is to choose. Just know your own music and respect it.

Understand who you are and what is aligned with you and stop following other reasons and considerations. Life is full of opportunities, but not all of these are real opportunities for you. The true ones reflect and are in harmony with your own music.

Do you understand then how important it is to learn to listen to the sound inside instead of keeping yourself trapped in constant thinking? Too much reasoning only complicates simple things. Go inside and learn to recognise your notes. Put some headphones on and listen to the wonderful music your heart is playing for you, then act in a way that is fully in harmony with that sound and you will be happy. I promise.

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