Banging your head against a wall

Banging your head against a wall sounds bad. But it's really just painful. Banging your head against a wall can be the most enlightening moment of your life if you ask yourself why the wall exists instead of why you hit your head against it in the first place. 

I’m seeing this in dozens of experiences in the people who come to me because they feel completely blocked. They can no longer move, nothing works anymore, what they have achieved does not give them full satisfaction, they are paying prices that are too high, what they want does not happen... different dynamics that produce the same result, they feel stuck, blocked, hurt by the wall that takes away space, sleep and power.

But the wall exists because it has meaning; it has to slow you down so you can better understand where you are going; it allows you to recalculate the road like a GPS, because you are probably lost; it allows you to wake up from the hypnotic sleep of mental habits that distract you from the real meaning of your life.

The wall is a great gift. And if you try to overcome it you will lose ever more energy because it will become even higher. This wall requires reflection and introspection in order to be overcome.

2020 has boxed us into four walls for a sublime reason: UNDERSTANDING the truth and the meaning of our lives. We were going too fast, we were too superficial and unaware, we were lost. We are yet to fully realise that this virus (like all diseases) is the physical form of a diseased consciousness. In our bodies we are experiencing all the imbalance that we have built and accepted for decades with our excessive and reckless choices, with our indifference and superficiality.

I have been able to see clearly the sublime transformation in some people who have accepted the challenge of the wall and, instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they have rolled up their sleeves and pushed to UNDERSTAND and then to CHANGE. They are reborn. It is as if they have been given a second chance.

There is no person in the world who cannot reverse their course, even the most disillusioned and desperate, because we are all imbued with infinite potential. But understanding is so important, understanding the true dynamics of life, the universal and individual meaning of existence, the true rules of the game... Have you ever wondered if you really know the rules of the game, or are you just pushing to make things work, but completely ignoring the pattern? Have you ever been curious about the repetitiveness or cyclicality of certain schemes? Have you ever looked at what happens to you with a detached eye, finally distinguishing the less superficial and deeper reasons for events and situations?

There is nothing casual in your life. Life is CAUSAL, not casual; every cause produces an effect and it is you who generates the causes with your beliefs and your choices. What happens to you belongs to you: an emanation of the vibration of your psychophysical and emotional energy.

The wall belongs to you too. You created it and it has a meaning for you. Stop feeling frustrated, desperate or without solutions and be grateful for the fact that since you have built it you can also undo it, or simply go through it because it has no more power over you.

I am fascinated by what we have at our disposal to overturn apparently negative destinies or trajectories. I am deeply grateful that 2020 has allowed me to deepen, in such an intense and unexpected way, my understanding of this timeless wisdom.

(pic credits Unsplash - Ben White) 

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