Balance is the magic word at the core of the entire Universe. Balance is what holds together everything that exists and that is perceptible with our senses. When organisms, systems and nature go out of balance, they have a natural correction mechanism that brings them back into balance. Everything that surrounds us is able to correct itself according to immutable universal laws that go far beyond our capacity for intervention or our will as human beings. Our bodies have the same characteristics; their state of natural balance is called well-being and occurs when the four energy systems (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) that we talked about last month are in balance.

When you understand how you work and you take care of yourself correctly, everything works perfectly. The problem is that very few of us are really aware and capable of doing that. Until a few years ago, only Asian medicines and philosophies treated the body as an integrated system of energies and it is thanks to them that we have become more familiar with the concept of energy centres or chakras. But our energy education is still very primitive and it is necessary to deepen and expand this if we really want to understand how to stop the vicious circle of stress, anxiety, depression, disease and suffering in which we have ended up, a cycle that takes away our joy of living.

The two energy levels that have the heaviest impact on your body are the psychological and emotional level. Thoughts and emotions are the things that keep you in balance or take you out of balance quicker than most other things. Both represent the "energetic nourishment" of your body, just as food represents the physical nourishment. When your thoughts are constantly oriented towards fear, anxiety and concern, you quickly dissipate energy, producing negative effects and results that confirm your fears and deepen your anxiety. When your standard emotions are frustration, anger, disappointment, depression, fear, you trap your energy at the level of the lower chakras (first, second and third) and do not allow energy to circulate regularly in all the organs of your body, starting to cause inflammation and imbalances that then turn into physical diseases.

It is now accepted by science that the majority of our diseases have psychological or emotional origins.

On top of this, you have to add the external factors causing further physical imbalances: pollution of the air, of the water, of the foods you ingest, noise and electronic pollution. Because of all the incorrect things you do, you undermine your body's natural defences so much that it is unable to use them when viruses and bacteria attack you.

You must begin to understand that you have much greater control over your health than you have imagined. Awareness and the adoption of new thinking habits, emotional reactions and actions are vital to reverse the vicious cycle in which you are probably trapped.

It is imperative that you begin to consciously and selectively choose the quality of the vibration in which you spend most of your days.

Do you want to begin to understand how you are treating yourself and your body and what you are unknowingly creating for your future well-being? Observe yourself and begin to quantify the following aspects: how many times a week do you feel behind on things to do? How many times in your day do you feel inadequate, or that things are out of control? How many times in a week do you go to bed with the feeling that the day was just an immense effort and that your sense of fulfilment is minimal or non-existent? How many times do you get up in the morning and the first thing you feel is being crushed by what awaits you? If your answers to these questions lean towards "always" or "almost always", it is quite likely that you live in a negative vibration most of your conscious life. So you're already working out of balance. If this condition becomes chronic, sooner or later your body will manifest this imbalance in physical form.

What are you waiting for? Regain control of your thoughts and emotions. They don't happen to you. You are the master of them.  

(Pic Credits Patrick Fore for Unsplash)

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