Are you connected?

Are you “connected”?

I was on the train a few days ago, returning from a week of incredible initiation, an intensive workshop, when I tuned into the conversation of two teenagers sitting near me; they were nervous because they could not connect to their social profiles in real time.

I had to smile: the entire work of my week of retreat had been concentrated on connection to the quantum field and I had a sudden desire to answer them with "I’m deeply connected to the field". In that moment I also understood how the word "connection" has such a precious and profound meaning for me.

“Connection” has been the dominant theme of my past few months, an urgent need, strong and pressing, because I would never have faced what I was capable of enduring without a connection to something bigger than me. But the connection that has value in my life is not that of Wi-Fi.

The connection that I have had to learn to develop is that with the real, eternal and unlimited part of myself that is certainly not the physical, vulnerable and emotional part. I have developed a vital connection with my energetic part, with my cosmic and spiritual roots, with the zero point of energy. I would never have been able to be so grounded and at peace with my life without this connection.

What I have understood, which I have learned and which I am constantly experiencing, has broadened my horizons in an incommensurable manner. And the more I understand and experience, the less I settle for and the less I'm interested in believing in the realities that my eyes overlook.

We are incredibly powerful, but we must learn to connect to our true natures, which is not physical, to be able to use the immense potential we are gifted with. Those who continue to offer us distractions and solutions that confuse our attention, solutions that trap us in behavioural models conditioned by business and marketing know this well. We are the slaves of Wi-Fi, but in reality we possess the ability to communicate energetically and instantly on the frequency of the heart with everyone everywhere.

To master our personal power, we must go inside and not outside. We should be eager to understand and to unlearn. There is so much of what we have learned that hinders our growth and expansion. And then we must learn to develop two qualities from the past: honesty and trust. Nothing in our current lives reflects these values, but they are ​​essential for a process of evolution and not involution.

There seems to be a long way to go, but in reality this is not the case. The road remains long only when you prevent yourself from connecting to yourself. When you do so, as happened to me, you instantly realise that you have always been where you thought you had to go.

Life is truly a wonderful dream.

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