Another way...

It's the end of January and I'm at the beach. Never before have I spent my winter days here and the change in pace and scenery is striking. Like the powerful nature that screams in the wind and the waves of the sea. Or perhaps it is just that I have developed such a high sensitivity to change that I am able to perceive it even when it is only a whisper, but I can’t stop wanting to communicate to everyone what my eyes are seeing and my intuitive senses are perceiving so well.

We are on the crest of a high wave that is gathering momentum and sooner or later the strength and speed accumulated will break up, causing inevitable destruction. There is noise all around us, everyone is shouting and screaming, threatening and stiffening, clear signs of a system that no longer works, a system that relies on fear as its last resource before sinking. The forces and dynamics that our political, religious, economic and social institutions have generated and nourished in recent decades are out of control and they will be the reason and the very cause of the break and dissolution of a model of evolution and growth now so corrupt that it cannot work. 

All those telling us how to keep it together are simply encouraging us to believe a lie. What was there will not come back; you can’t go back and pretend to make things work again because in the meantime the whole context has changed and there are not the same holds, the same conditions ... life is evolution, not stagnation. All current attempts by governments, political forces and markets are a short-sighted waste of resources and energies in directions that are bottlenecks or triggers for larger explosions.

You will taste an even worse bitterness than the current one. But you do not necessarily have to fear it and hide from it to face it. Indeed, it is very important that you understand that there is another way to be spectators and actors in this tsunami, without necessarily being overwhelmed. Historically, crises have been opportunities for transformation and evolution and this global crisis could indeed be one of the most powerful opportunities for change that humanity has. A quantum leap. But for this quantum leap to happen, we must feed it and sustain it with our single vision and energy. We have this responsibility.

I know it's not easy to understand how to do this, especially if you're used to seeing and listening to what you have around you every day. If you feed on news and media, if you're used to believing what your five ordinary senses perceive, if you're used to thinking that others know more than you and better than you, the most normal thing you can experience in a world like this is anxiety, uncertainty, powerlessness and fear. But there is another way. And this way passes from the responsibility of asking who you really are to becoming that potential. There is no time for excuses anymore. There is no time to blame someone else.

Within you, within me, within each of us, there is the possibility of a world in wonderful balance, a fair and right world. But as long as we do not understand who we are and what power we possess and we take the commitment to master and develop such power we will leave our destiny in the hands of obsessive and sick people who ignore or do not care about the disaster they are making.

We need to overcome the mindset that makes us feel small and powerless, we must stop nursing our wounds and using them to punish and manipulate others. We must grow. So far we have remained a small and quarrelsome humanity, used to running to adults for protection. There are no more adults to run to. We need to stop whining, clean up our wounds, stand up taller and realise what we can do to tackle the future. We all have a magnificent and intact potential. It is time that we draw on these resources and begin to trust ourselves, to connect to the source of our power and learn to use it in a coherent, respectful and loving way.

Another way exists, the only question you have to ask yourself is whether you love yourself enough and you love this life enough to make it happen.

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