All is good

Recently I have been focusing on the concept of “polarity”. 

Polarity, or the perception of opposites, is what makes our experience of life on this planet so particularly unique.

Our brains are capable of storing information and perceptions on a scale from pain to pleasure (opposites) and all that the senses absorb is catalogued in the same way on this scale of opposites: light and dark, white and black, shallow and deep… This is our "modus operandi". The natural tendency of our brain is to make choices that take us away from pain and lead us to pleasure; consequently, we have a natural predilection for everything that is good, pleasant and positive, while we try to avoid what is bad, unpleasant and negative. The inherent value in this contrast is the potential to train our capacity for choice. It seems obvious, but knowing evil allows us to choose the good. Why then are we not always capable of choosing the things that make us happy, that make us feel good?

Our brain uses an additional parameter to direct our choices: familiarity. We are naturally inclined to continue to choose what is familiar, that which we have already experienced, that which we already know. This is a protection mechanism linked to survival mode. Staying on the road already travelled reduces risk. The problem is that, unfortunately, what we have become familiar with are not always positive experiences, they are not only healthy relationships, constructive work environments, opportunities that excite us; instead, we are very often accustomed to suffering, to being put down, to avoiding confrontation, to being silent. When these things have become habit we ​​may be afraid to choose the opposite. On the subconscious level the fear of abandoning the familiarity of what we have learned and that which we have become accustomed to living with is often stronger and more rooted than the tendency to choose serenity, contentment and peace. And so we remain stuck in lives that are not what we want, we believe suffering is inevitable.

Becoming aware of the working mechanisms of our minds and the natural system in which our life is expressed has, for me, become one of the most powerful tools for consciously returning to using my freedom of choice. None of us was born to be a slave in our minds, none of us was born to accept being smaller than our fears, none of us was born to accept that physicality defines our limits. We can choose to reprogram our minds, to overcome our conditioning and our fear, to make what is unfamiliar familiar.

The moment we become capable of this our perception of ourselves expands to the point of finally understanding that we do not need to continue choosing between pain and pleasure, because we are capable of managing any kind of experience; indeed, it is that diversity of experience that creates the true wealth of life on this planet. We are so wonderfully powerful, able to learn from anything and transform our experiences into a moment of evolution. From this perspective, polarity changes its meaning; it is no longer opposition but balance. Everything in life is in perfect balance and in order to get back into balance we must not exclude anything, but instead learn to integrate everything.

The truth is that our brain does not accept, but our soul knows that "all is good".

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