A new vocabulary

The power of words is undeniable. They, just like thoughts, possess a creative or destructive energy.

Try to remember how deeply someone's comment may have hurt you in the past. Or, conversely, how you felt supported and exalted when someone important to you gave you a complement. The energy of words influences and conditions you, both unconsciously and consciously.

Words are everywhere and they are constantly moving. Becoming aware of the vocabulary you own and use represents an enormous tool for personal growth, as well as being a factor that makes your life easier in terms of communication and socialisation.

Consciously choosing words that have a certain positive or neutral energy, rather than a negative energy, has the immediate effect of placing yourself in a mental state of openness. Just imagine the difference between using the verb "I have to" and “I choose". If in your way of communicating with yourself you keep on “having to” do something, you are adding weight to your shoulders. The verb “having to" is powerful, but in our culture it is associated with obligation and obligation immediately produces a mental disposition of heaviness. When your days become full of “must" or “have to”, you may feel tired even before you begin and you will struggle to keep your motivation high.

Try to replace the verb "must" with "choose" and you will see how instantly you feel better, because what you associate with choice is a sense of flexibility and freedom and your subconscious will immediately feel the change of gear, unleashing different emotions in your body.

The same goes for the nuances of just one word. You may experience fear or terror, but the ability to have a rich vocabulary allows you to modulate your sensations and consequently allows you to feel more or less in control of your reactions.

The more you become aware of this direct link between words and emotions, the more you realise how much power you have over yourself. Just learn to select the right words, words that do not demolish you, and, on the contrary, support your energy, your decision-making and your action-taking capacity. Words are subliminal commands through which you instruct yourself.

But their power doesn't stop there. Words have a collective and social impact. They inspire culture, communication and dialogue. And if you stop for a moment to reflect, you will quickly realise how much our language has depleted in recent decades. We have become a "fast food" culture that devours things without appreciating their taste and we also do this with words. Our current language is superficial, standardised, full of abbreviations and jargon, imbued with words stolen from other idioms... Many words have disappeared from common lexicon and in allowing them to disappear we have deprived ourselves of the emotions they can bring us.

Try out the expression "state of grace", for example. What does it taste like? For me it tastes of balance, beauty, suspension, peace, completeness... a state in which you are satisfied, fulfilled and complete .. in which you lack nothing. It is difficult to imagine such a state in our lives because we are dominated by the opposite principle: by a lack. But if you can't imagine, you can't even create. If you don't have that expression in your vocabulary, you can't create that result.

You can imagine something, but then you have to define, translate it into words to create that result. The vibration of that word or concept must be strong within you if you want to possess it.

Why this reflection? Because I have just realised that we need a lot of unused words to create a lasting and stable change towards a more sustainable future. Some of these words have re-emerged like lightning in the past few weeks of isolation, but we need to anchor them in our conscience if we want them to grow. Words like attention, solidarity, respect, moderation, balance, responsibility.

Ask yourself how much space they are taking up in your days, how much you let them slip into your thoughts and your communications and how much power they already have to influence your actions. Only when they are part of your standard "operating system" will they have the energy to create a physical and visible impact on your reality.

I recently started playing a powerful and beautiful game. Each week I choose a new positive word with which to become familiar and I allow it to fit into my way of thinking and dialogue. I experience it, I use it, I savour its vibration and I foretaste the result it will create. It is exciting. This week’s word is “moderation”. The most tangible result is that, in applying it, I have already dropped two pounds of body weight… Hooray!

(Pic credits Valentina Conde - Unsplash)

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