2022 - Wishing you ... a miraculous year!

Every year, as the new year approaches, I invite myself to choose a word that could be the soundtrack to my new year, and today a very unusual word flashed inside, calling to be seen and acknowledged. This word is “miracle”.

Miracles are things we are used to considering inexplicable and surprising because they escape the laws of predictability and logic, but what I am beginning to understand very well is that a miracle is simply the normal result of an expansion of consciousness beyond the limits of scientific knowledge. In other words, it is the result of the ability to go beyond our limits and our identification with the ego. 

So, potentially, a miracle is a result that can be created by every one of us. We learn to work "miracles" when we raise our understanding and consciousness beyond the physical and into the power of the spirit, when we stop believing only in our rationality and go back to connecting with our supra-human powers. When we enter the playing field of grace, truth and trust.

I have been a passionate explorer of this topic for some time and I know that as human beings we are increasingly ready to open ourselves to the depth of different knowledge and understanding. Our evolution of consciousness is accelerating and many people are becoming capable of performing miracles relating to their health and life choices, because the miracle is not the privilege of a few chosen masters; the miracle is the effect of the simple mastery of our true nature.

I am thrilled by the idea of ​​thinking of 2022 as a miraculous year, a year where we become able to change the course of events, where we allow ourselves to imagine and create the unexpected.

But, to stop this from being just "wishful thinking", I know that more and more people need to wake up to understand themselves and their true power. 

You, me, we are magical and powerful beings and all those who want us to believe otherwise are inexorably losing their control. Please do not stop letting in light on your truth. Begin exploring what it means to work miracles and you will soon realise that this is exactly what you have come to accomplish here.

Happy Miraculous 2022!

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