2018 - My warmest wishes to you!

In these final days of the year, it is so easy to ruminate on your expectations for the new year. If you've had a complicated or tiring year, you may be feeding the hope that the next year will be different. If you've had a troublesome year affected by illness and grief, you are certainly hoping it does not happen again. If you've had a year full of satisfactions, you could believe this was fortuitous and you may be worried it will be difficult to replicate. 

There are, indeed, very few people who are waiting the new year with serenity and curiosity, without particular fears or expectations, simply aware of the fact that it will be a new year, full of experiences and evolution. People who are at peace with time and with life. I, without any presumption, find myself aligned with these people and, while I understand very well the beauty, the richness and the value of feeling like that, I also understand why most of us cannot be at peace with our lives. It was like that for me once too, until a few years ago.

The reason for this lies in understanding. And, after this understanding, it lies in the choice.

The understanding for me was fundamental: understanding that the quality of my life experience depends mainly on me and not on factors external to me was the first great intuition that changed the cards on my table. I stopped feeling like a victim of circumstance and I began to see and understand how unconsciously I’m co-creating my circumstances. Nothing can happen to me that I do not consciously or unconsciously give my attention and energy to. So it's about learning to choose what to pay attention to and becoming much more selective in the allocation of my energy. If my year has been complicated and tiring, I simply have to ask myself what choices I made to make it such. If I avoid repeating these choices, I’m automatically changing this result. The next step then becomes asking what kind of year I want next. In this, I’m not just hoping, I’m making it happen through my choices. We all have this power. We just need to learn how to use it. We must learn to use who we are in a more conscious and efficient way.

But first you need to understand who you are. Do you really know this?

Do you know that most of the diseases that your body manifests are nothing but signs of internal misalignment that you can cure yourself, or better yet, prevent from manifesting, by treating yourself in a more sensitive and careful way? Do you know that most physical illnesses have a simple emotional root? The emotions that aren’t listened to and aren’t healed turn into physical pain make you aware of what you are doing to yourself. Have you ever realised that the stress and pressure you fill your life with actually denies you the possibility of using your mind for what it is most capable of: the creation of your life?

Understanding this opens such exciting doors.

Of course, if you just stop there, nothing big changes, but if, after the understanding, you make different choices, then everything changes. If, when you understand what you have unconsciously put into play so far, you stop doing it and allow yourself to experiment with your mind and your energy in a much more careful and selective way, what you begin to understand is that there is no need to hope or worry. You can simply create the new year as you want it to be. You can really choose what flavours it will have and what colours it will be. You can model it, always aware that 'how' and 'when' the things you create arrive is out of your conscious control, but life will be really generous in surprising you and your intuition will always guide you towards the best outcome. What do you wish then for the new year? I wish you the curiosity in yourself. Because if you stop giving your full attention to things and people outside of you and you re-direct this attention to who you really are, life will stop appearing a nonsense roulette and it will really start to belong fully to you.

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