What is determining the quality of Your Life?

It seems almost impossible to accept, because we are very good in finding external excuses, but the quality of your life simply depends on two factors: the quality of your thoughts and the quality of your attitudes, which are both connected. Your attitudes are the result of the thoughts and beliefs that you nourish, develop and use every day. 

Your thoughts pass through you, you can not stop thinking, but you can detach yourself from them and observe them.

Thoughts are not you, but they are the means by which you create your own personality which in turn is the sum of all attitudes through which you express yourself. 

Do you know the reason why this reflection is so important?

Because if you are bigger than your thoughts and attitudes then every moment of your life you can change your thoughts and behaviour and get different results.

Your thoughts and your attitudes are at your service! 

You weren’t born with a set of beliefs, you have learnt and absorbed them from the environment around you, but when you begin to use them uncritically and in a repetitive way they become your personality and you become a slave to them.  

The real freedom you possess is to ask yourself whether the thoughts and attitudes that you have stored, and you use in your everyday life, are really the best you have to serve yourself and your own happiness. 

Start to choose again. Stop believing that your life from a certain point onwards is unchangeable and always allow yourself to choose what to think and how to act, freeing yourself of the suffocation of habits which have settled within you. 

Allow yourself to change your rules: especially those that do not make you happy. Your life is the result of the quality of your thoughts and your attitudes, if you do not like your life, start with changing the mindset behind your reactions. Everything else will change accordingly. 

As Brendon Burchard, a great entrepreneur, but also a great motivator and speaker, says, talking about attitudes: 

There is a lot of magic around here. When your attitude is open youre allowing yourself to learn. When your attitude is open youre allowing yourself to connect to other people. When your attitude is open finding happiness isnt something you do, you create it. You choose the attitude of happiness. You dont have to have happiness, you generate it. 


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