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The Fantastic Four

I bet you will laugh if I tell you you’re a super-hero, but this is absolutely true. 

The way your brain is set and functions, the way your Mind interacts with your Body, the way your Consciousness fine tunes the show... you are a work-in-progress miracle of sophistication and power.

And yet most of us still feel frustrated and miserable, spending precious time whining and complaining.

Just for you, I will talk through the super-powers you own probably don’t even use to their full advantage (otherwise every complaint would be gone).

You have four main super-powers, we will call them "The Fantastic Four": your Intention, your Attention, your Decision and your Action

What makes them special is that they belong completely to you and you can always decide to use them or not. You are totally responsible for them and you are the only Master they have. Cool, isn't it?

They are always available to you, you don't have to look far to find them (they are all stored in you) and you can access them in a moment.

So why don't you use them ALL THE TIME? Since they are super-powers they are meant to make your life BETTER!

Probably because you don't know WHAT power they hold for you and nobody has told you before HOW to use them...

So, let's begin by clarifying: what are they for? 

Intention makes you filter the infinite field of possibilities you are surrounded by and choose what you want to focus on.

Attention brings it closer to you.

Decision kick starts the process of getting it.

And Action makes it happen.

So all together "The Fantastic Four" are your dream-coming-into-reality machine. 


This means that you are well equipped to make your dreams come true if you learn how to use these incredible super-powers of yours.

The topic deserves deeper attention. I imagine you agree with me on that.

So I will follow up on all of them!


- to be continued -