Your Heart KNOWS

In this moment of our lives as the news flow directs you towards uncertainty, fear and concern, I really want to be the voice out of the chorus that helps you reflect on trust. But what kind of trust? The deep and unconditional trust in yourself. I truly believe there is no other way out of the series of crises and emergencies in which we are mired. All the reference points you have had for decades are crumbling, the certainties on which you have articulated your existence are proving unable to withstand the impact of what is emerging from this health crisis. You feel disoriented, betrayed, unsupported, deceived. The confusion of news and denials, of half-truths and lies, of contradictory and illogical impositions leaves you dazed. You don't know what to believe anymore.

It is important to understand that the truth will not come from anyone. You can only hear the truth from the inside if you create silence, if you stop being intoxicated by this noise and start listening to resonances within yourself. We are not simply puppets to be given orders.

We are human beings with a complex and profound conscience that at any moment is capable of directing us onto the right path. We know this from within. When what you are asked to do doesn't sound right to your inner truth you feel naturally uncomfortable. Learn to listen to yourself and follow the intuition of your heart. There is no need to become a rebel, only to learn to use the intelligence of the heart. Yes, the heart has its own intelligence, in the physical structure of the heart there are neurons that look like those of the brain. Your heart KNOWS. It does not need the conviction of the mind to choose. Your heart ALWAYS KNOWS what is right for you.

You just have to learn to trust yourself. No human being is created without an internal GPS system, the compass that points the way. You probably just put it in a box because it was easier or more comfortable to listen to someone else's guide, to rely on their decisions and knowledge. But nobody can know what's really right for you. And when you don't honour your ability to choose, you are giving your power to someone else. You are becoming dependent and potentially unhappy.

Your sense of fulfilment and satisfaction depends on your ability to express your full potential and when you become dependent, this possibility is limited or even denied.

Now is the time to become aware of your power and learn to trust it. This is the only real tool you have for not drowning. In the tsunami we have ended up in, you have no other foothold than yourself. Nobody knows better than you. Before blindly obeying, ask yourself if what is being asked of you makes sense or pushes you to compromise on your values. There is no longer time to live a "wrong" life, to live a life that does not reflect who you are, to do a job you cannot stand, to accept the harassment of a friend or partner who does not respect you.

Trust what you feel in your heart. Your heart KNOWS.

And then have the courage to honour what you feel, even if this means surprising or dissatisfying someone. You are not here to please others with your life, but to express yourself, with humanity and respect. You are not here to be told what to eat, how to speak, what to buy, how to invest your energy and your time. You are here to choose what you intuitively feel is right for you.

There is no one else to ask. Just your heart. And your heart KNOWS.

(pic credits Simon Migaj - Unsplash)

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