You Are Special!

You are special: have you ever thought about you in this way?

Everyone of us is a unique being: our fingerprints are different, our brains are different, our attitudes are different and our personal experiences model us in very different and unique ways.

None else in the world is like you and this awareness will make you free when you will recognise its full power. 

How many times instead do we try to look as someone else? How much time and effort do we spend to become similar to others that we think are better and smarter than us?

What could happen if we would start to use that same time and effort to know ourselves much better? To understand who we truly are, and which are our natural gifts, talents, values and passions and to use all this knowledge to leverage our unique inner potential? 

What if we would start to understand the conditioning and limiting beliefs we are subject to and work to overcome them? 

We could truly transform our life if we would start to love ourselves a bit more.

Everything derives from us. 


What we are experiencing is our interpretation of the reality. Nothing exists outside our mind, nothing is objective. We are constantly filtering what we sense through our memories, past experiences, beliefs and paradigms.

As Albert Einstein once said : "Reality is an illusion, albeit an extremely persistent one".

What we are experiencing are our thoughts.

Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics are explaining that in a very simple way: the observer affects the outcome of the experiment through his energy. So we are experiencing the world the way we are!

What a magnificent change of perspective when we start to understand and accept this...

We are the beginning and the outcome of every experience we have, we can model the reality through our thinking and we can choose all the time how to do so.

Living through this awareness is  truly exhilarating! (I know because I'm experiencing it!).

So what better than allowing our uniqueness and speciality to blossom, honouring it and learning how to manifest the best life we can through this new and powerful awareness?

I wish you will start to do so... the outcome is pure bliss!

With love and joy,