Wishing you a revealing New Year!

As I look back on the months of this intense year, a year that will soon crystallise as the past in its ebbs and flows, sometimes joyful and sometimes painful, I see precious pearls shining. My work allows me to accompany people on their inner journeys, and I consider this to be a very profound privilege because the greatest treasures that change our lives are mostly hidden inside. 

Year after year, it is increasingly clear to me that many forms of anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and even some accidents and illnesses are nothing more than the language spoken by a deep part of us that wants to wake us up to the truest meaning of our lives.

Many of us are debasing or selling ourselves short, shrinking or getting stuck in dynamics that empty us of our life force, shutting off our light. We’re like drained batteries. And at that point the soul tries to use every transmission channel to awaken the awareness.

But it's never too late. Or, in other words, it's always the right time to reignite your life force. 

It doesn't matter if you haven’t let yourself live fully to this day. Your potential is intact. It doesn't matter if you've done things that you're ashamed of. Your ability to express love still exists. It doesn't matter what's in your past. Your future can be completely different.

Human beings are powerful, wonderful creatures, but our greatest obstacle is our own ignorance.

Knowing who you are, what meaning your personal power has, what unique talent you have come to manifest, what makes you vulnerable and suggestible are absolutely necessary to be able to correctly express your freedom of choice, to direct your life and enhance the energy and consciousness you represent. Without this clarity and awareness, you are truly in the dark and you could become an unwitting instrument of perverse schemes.

In this new year that is opening soon I truly wish you the courage, the strength and the determination to choose yourself. To choose yourself in the sense of understanding more and better the meaning of being yourself, the reason for the dynamics developing around you, the true value of the talent you can express through your undeniable uniqueness.

Your life has meaning. Your life matters. May 2024 illuminate you and may you illuminate it with your light.

I sincerely wish you a 2024 full of revelations and growth!

(Pic courtesy Ray Hennessy for Unsplash) 

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