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Wishing you...

Christmas: a time for wishes, for greetings, for reflections…

It is normal at this time of year to think about others, at least in terms of what you want to give or wish them.

We write dozens of messages, and, of course, our imagination is focused on wishing something positive to the people who are dear to us: wellness, abundance, prosperity, joy, luck ...

But do you know the most powerful thing you can wish for those you truly love?

Wish him or her awareness.

The world is not divided between lucky people and unlucky, rich people and poor, but between those who are aware and those who are unaware.

The real wealth, fortune and true serenity are represented by the knowledge and awareness of who you are

Through this kind of awareness you can really have everything and, on top of that, the ability to really enjoy it.

It is the awareness of who you are that makes you truly free.

What makes you really rich? What makes you really lucky? Nothing else.

How many rich and famous people do you know who are constantly anxious and depressed? How many people have you met in your life who have everything and are still sad and unsatisfied?

Only if you become acutely aware of who you really are and what is important for you in life and you choose to engage with this person and this task with all your enthusiasm and your motivation you can become a rich, lucky and joyful person.

Awareness changes and transforms everything. Awareness is the magic wand of our fairy tales.

See the magic: you do not have to be rich and powerful to develop your awareness and to master it, you just have to be yourself and recognise the immense potential you own.

My wish for the upcoming Christmas is very simple.

I wish all the readers of these notes a spark of insight that puts them in touch with their inner and most intimate identity.

It is time to understand. It is time to really understand who we are, why we are here and the true value that we can express in being full, complete and happy.

It is time to let go of everything that distracts and confounds us, that takes away vital energy and smiles from our lives.

It is time to exercise our freedom and to go back to living with profound simplicity, generosity and meaning.

The awareness of who you are is a priceless gift.

It is the treasure that will completely change your life, that will put everything into perfect perspective.

When this intuition begins to grow inside you, you finally begin to see things and to understand them and everything then makes sense and gets perspective.

The sense of loss, of loneliness, of separation, of pain will be finished. Anxiety and fear is finished. 

You are back to being strong and invincible, as in reality you have always been.

For me there isn’t greater joy than helping someone else grow and blossom in their own awareness. 

Merry Christmas my Friend.

May the light of this Christmas illuminate yourself from within to show your eyes and your heart a newfound awareness of yourself.

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  • Annalisa 17/12/2014 7:52pm (8 years ago)

    Grazie Mille! Un abbraccio speciale a voi!!! Auguri di uno splendido 2015!!!

  • Rosa & Markus 17/12/2014 6:49pm (8 years ago)

    Cara Annalisa
    Ti facciamo un felice augurio di trascorrere un Natale
    con tanta allegria e serenità di un Anno che inizi con
    tanta fortuna.
    tanti saluti della Svizzera
    Rosa & Markus :-)

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