Wise, Wild and Free

I know that what I’m going to say here will make you deeply uncomfortable, but it is a powerful truth that I can’t keep to myself: you will never stop choosing. Every choice you make incorporates consequences for yourself and for others and, as such, you are profoundly responsible for the choices you make.

You will tell me "this is exactly the problem Annalisa, I am so terrified of being wrong in choosing that I am feeling stuck and trapped"... Unfortunately, the truth is that not choosing is a choice too and, in the same way, it has consequences for you and for others. "But I do not know what to do! How can I make any decision?” Very good. But you must understand that doing is not your problem

Your problem is understanding who you want to be, who you can be in what you do. If you stop looking out and feeling bewildered by the endless amount of possibilities that exist, if you allow yourself to look inside and really begin to understand who you are, the meaning that holds who you are, the value there is in being who you are and the magic you can create in  combining your experience, your wisdom and your talent to produce something unique, you will stop feeling trapped and powerless.

But the inner journey terrifies you, I know, because you are afraid of meeting monsters, fears and weaknesses, because you are afraid of losing everything you have built up so far, you are afraid of letting go of your privileges and your wealth... have they not taught you so? All the great mystics, philosophers and visionaries have upended their lives to pursue the dream and the evolution that their journey made possible... Have you ever thought that maybe that was not a sacrifice?!

The truth is that the more you understand about yourself, the more certain things really stop being of interest to you, because they do not add joy, they do not add excitement, they do not add flavour to what you are discovering. The perspective is simply different. It's like when you became a teenager. At a certain point your precious toys completely lost their meaning and importance for you. You would never have thought it possible to distance yourself from your favorite bike, your favorite doll, but then, from today to tomorrow, those objects left your field of vision and you didn’t looked at them anymore, even if they continued to exist in your room.

In changing your point of view and understanding, you will naturally choose to let go of so many things because you will simply understand that they are just an illusory "security". The real discovery will be feeling like "being you" finally gives you a sense of completeness, strength and excitement. You will naturally become more selective, absolutely capable of defining your preferences, respecting them and ensuring they are respected. You will stop being addicted to excuses and justifications, because you will have understood their profound uselessness. You will become immune to the judgment of others because in reality it is always and only another point of view. You will abandon forever the need to feel misunderstood and powerless because when you reconnect with yourself you know that understanding yourself is only your job.

Choosing will then become the biggest pleasure that you give yourself, to which you will devote energy and attention because you will finally understand how all the results of your life depend on the conscious or unconscious choices you make.

It will be like being born again, but this time not with the feeling of dependence and impotence that newborns experience, it will be like being reborn by adding to the enthusiasm of the life experience, the awareness that now you know how to use the wonderful instruments you are equipped with: your body, your mind, your emotions, your intuition, your energy, your inspiration, your passion...

Wise, wild and finally…deeply free.

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