Why not?!

It is so easy to constantly follow the same road, indefinitely repeat the same gestures, engage the same reactions that you have learned to handle so well. The routine provides you with comfort and safety, everything happens in a smooth automatic way and you can avoid deciding and thinking...

Inside the routine uncertainty and pressure disappear, but, at the same time, inside the routine the possibility to create new and different results also disappears.

Habits and routines create solidity and consolidation, but brought to their extremes they become a rigid cage that blocks your expansion and could break you to pieces.

What if you allowed yourself to mess up the order of the factors, at least once, and instead of turning right, as you do every day, turning left? What would happen if instead of reacting as you always do, you introduce a surprise effect and behave in a completely different way?

September is a beautiful month to test a new way of being because you are full of the clean energy of the holiday and you are saturated with enthusiasm and a deep inner peace; you have calmed down, you are rested and energised and you have fresher resources at your disposal.

September is the perfect time to take a turn, to introduce variation into your usual rhythm, to implement a change...

"Why not?!”is the question and the statement that opens the gate to experience a new version of yourself, with curiosity and the desire for more.

"Why not?!" is a formula that I love because it's light, it’s playful and it’s so full of possibility.

Why don’t you dare more? Why not say no to what burdens you so much? Why don’t you change your colours and your style and reinvent yourself? Why not let go finally of that anger or resentment or sorrow that has blocked you for so long? Why don’t you stop suffering in that relationship or that job that is consuming you? Why don’t you reopen the possibilities that have been shut for so long? Why don’t you stop accepting what you have and go for more?

Why don’t you stop watching where you put your feet and look up at the sun?

It’s your time. It’s for real.

Let the bubbles in your energy help you to deviate from your usual path. Allow yourself to see the magical effect of looking at the world from another perspective, from another angle.

"Why not?!”is a huge richness, a breath of pure freedom that will help you expand to the limits you have reached very few times. From there you will soon realise that you need so little to feel so incredibly great...  

(Picture courtesy of Flickr - Liz West)

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