Why can't I?

Why can’t I? 

“Why can’t I have that toy? Why can’t I eat ice-cream for breakfast? Why can’t I stay awake till late?”

How many times have you heard kids shouting these questions; not proper queries, but simply an acknowledgement of their frustration. 

“Why can’t I” is not helping you go anywhere. 

If you keep using this in your adult life you are going to be stuck most of the time.

If you want help things to change you have to twist this common adagio into something like “why don’t I”.

Can you see the difference?

“Why don’t I” is a real question: it pushes your brain to activate and find a solution, to find an answer, to put you in motion. 

“Why don’t I” is the voice of a grown up kid who takes responsibility and ownership for their life. 

Life is not fair or unfair. Life is what you make it. 

If you are too apologetic, if you don’t respect who you are, if you cannot stand up for yourself, if you constantly hide behind others, you cannot expect to be seen, honoured and valued. It’s not life that’s unfair, it’s you. You are unfair with yourself. 

Why don’t you have what others have? Because you are not asking for it in the right way.

“Ask and it is given” said Jesus.

The trick is learning to ask. 

Asking is not just putting some requests together; asking means recognising the meaning and the value of what you are asking for and believing that you are worth it. Having faith that it is already yours. 

Asking is getting the confidence to stand up for what you are asking for because you know it is true and due to you. 

Asking is a true art. When you master it you become very selective because you understand that getting what you ask for requires a perfect alignment between you and your desire, and keeping this connection is a full time job that requires constant enthusiasm and motivation. 

But the miracle is that when you master the art of asking nothing is out of reach any more. 




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(photo courtesy Flickr - Tom Waterhouse)

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