What reality are you choosing?

I find that one of the most fascinating concepts of the quantum universe we live in is that of the multiplicity of timelines or infinite possibilities. What does this mean in practical terms? It means that all possible realities exist at the same instant and it is only the observer's choice that makes that experience real for the observer him or herself. If we place this concept in terrestrial space-time, which makes us perceive time as a linear continuum between past-present and future, then the reality that our eyes observe in the present is the one we created in the past through choices and emotions (= past vibrations), which now manifests itself due to temporal linearity. So, in the present, we are experiencing the reality created by our past choices. In the same way, the choices and emotions that we are choosing today will create the reality of our future. 

To summarise: in the present moment we have infinite possibilities of choice, but when we choose through our thoughts and emotions this becomes the reality we experience later.

Do you realise how crucial it is to therefore understand what you are choosing today?

If today you are observing a reality that you do not like and you insist on looking at it, judging it, criticising it or supporting it, you are making it more real for yourself in the present and the future. The only way you can really change what you don’t like it is to remove your choice (that is, remove your energy from that choice) and observe/create something different. It is not by fighting or resisting that we can ever change anything. The only way we have to transform things is to remove our energy from what we are feeding with our thoughts and emotions and use this to nourish a different vision or choice.

All possibilities exist in the present moment. This means that next to what I observe, which seems so concrete and real, there is also the possibility of a different world. Alongside the possibility that this current complicated and difficult scenario will persist, there is also the possibility that everything will be resolved and will melt like snow in the sun. Alongside the scenario of increasingly acute polarisation and opposition, there is also the scenario that any division will disappear and people will understand that our destinies are inextricably linked because everything is one. Alongside the possibility of a completely segregated world, there is also the possibility of a completely free world.

Which side are you on? What options are you choosing and feeding? Where do you put your energy and your choices every single day, every single moment? Are you feeding problems and separation, or solutions and unity?

I know it is so much easier to believe that what your eyes see is the only possible reality. They educated you to believe this, they programmed you to believe it. But if, like me, you have explored a wider knowledge, you can no longer be fulfilled by this lie. You are the creator of your own reality and a co-creator of the collective reality. When you choose a certain frequency with your free will and vibration, you place yourself on a different timeline of the same objective reality, so you have a different experience of it. You may be in the same place as someone else, but what you experience will be completely different from him or her because your vibration is different.

There is no need to escape from anything. Just choose which perspective or frequency to live each experience from.

Why is it so crucial to understand these concepts? Because now it is fundamental to project our energy towards peace, harmony and the healing of this planet and society. It is essential to unplug from the scenario that we have unwittingly contributed to creating for centuries. Now is the time to resurrect our personal power and stop contributing to someone else's unhealthy game. At all levels.

The criticality of the present requires a courageous act of acknowledgement and choice. It is not enough to know; it is necessary to implement. It is not enough to have understood; you must use this understanding.

Imagine how wonderful it will be to live on a planet healed of pollution, hatred, division; imagine how exciting it will be to live on a planet where everyone is in harmony with everything, and injustice, bullying and oppression no longer exist. Imagine how electrifying it will be to live on a planet where work is not an obligation, but a choice, where personal evolution is the norm, and cooperation and sharing are the only currency; imagine how fulfilling it will be to live in a world where there is no more disease, danger or fear.

No, this is not a dream. It is simply another possibility. The possibility that I and so many others are already choosing and nurturing with our energy and life force.

Do you want to join us?

(pic credits David Watkis for Unsplash)




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