What is this situation telling me about myself?

If there’s one recurring lesson in my life, one that I’ve learned over and over in different ways, it’s definitely to stop blaming others when something goes wrong.

Why do I say this? 

Because, no matter how big their responsibility, what happens to you is a lesson for you, and the moment you stop wasting your energy and time blaming other people, the sooner you can use this time and energy to understand what you need.

I know. It is not the usual way we cope with things. But believe me, it really works. 

Have you ever asked yourself how much time you spend emotionally obsessing over things you can’t control? And how drained, angry and powerless you feel after?

You can’t change something that is in the past, but you can choose to avoid repetition by understanding what you have learned from the experience.

This is why the question “what is this situation telling me about myself?” is one of the most powerful questions you can use to progress in your life. 

If you can get a hint as to why you ended up in that troublesome situation, what you did wrong or why you didn’t respect yourself enough to avoid finding yourself there, these conclusions can be powerful in helping you avoid doing the same again. 

This is true self-development and true love of your life. 

No more time spent in resentment and second thoughts, no more sense of victimhood, no more sense of injustice. 

Take your chance to grow out of everything that has happened in your life and you will no longer regret a single moment or a single experience you are having. 

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  • Loradae 15/02/2017 1:55pm (7 years ago)

    nade a gedit semmi okosságot nem tud ami nekem kell. ismerje fel rendesen a smartyt, és a fÃÃk©v¼gnyeget be tudjam csukni [+] ez a kettÅ‘ hiányzik már csak belÅ‘le.

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