What do you do?

It’s funny to find out how many times you take things for granted, until you meet the person with the candor to make you change the way you think. This happened to me a few days ago. I was with a friend who I haven’t seen for years. At one point she realized I wasn’t travelling around Europe for business as a banking executive anymore but, instead, I was a woman envied by everyone, spending five months of my life at sea and seven in London. She asked me squinting "But you, what do you do now?" and after I answered that I "life-coach", she added "Beautiful! But what the hell do you do?”

What the hell is life coaching work about? Do you know?

I didn’t know until a few years ago and, at the beginning of my new career as a life-coach, I often felt quite intimidated to define myself as one. But now I’ve found a new way to describe myself, one that I like. Can I share it with you?  

A life coach is a person who has a great passion: you. I'm passionate about you and what I see and sense about you, what I know will help you to make a difference in your life.

Where? What are the situations where my support helps you to make a difference?

When something really good and almost unexpected happens: a promotion, a marriage, a child, a victory. Situations that immediately cast you into a different dimension in which a refinement of your ability and your talents is required to cope with the new that opens up in front of you. I help you meet the challenge with more clarity and vision, channeling your energy and your enthusiasm in the most important direction.

When something painful and/or dramatic happens: the loss of a job or a loved one, a separation, an unexpected conflict ... I help you to integrate the pain of your life experience and to find the strength and inner motivation to keep going.

When nothing happens, and you feel that your passion and your talents are wasted in staying where you are: I help you to better understand your vision for yourself and outline the direction in which you can begin to move.

When you feel completely stuck even if you are doing a lot to move and to make things happen: I help you to locate your unconscious resistance, your unconscious fears, and help you to recalibrate your strategy to overcome the obstacles dispersing your focus and energy.

When you do not know what the hell is going on, you have lost direction and you're totally confused: I help you regain your inner balance, reconnect with yourself and regain clarity on what really has value for you and deserves your attention and time.

How do I do this? By listening to you with curiosity and passion, helping you create a space where you can look at yourself without fear of being judged, highlighting the strength and gifts that I see in you and helping you to leverage your vulnerabilities, offering you tools and strategies to tap into your potential.

Why do I do all of this? Because I care deeply about your happiness and your personal fulfillment. Your happiness is my happiness and your happiness affects everyone that surrounds you. I care about a happier world and I know this is what I can personally offer to make it happen.

So what do I do? In a nutshell: I help you to get in synch with your life again.

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