It is spring. Yes indeed, and this makes a big difference to the light. What a joy when you leave the office and instead of being embraced by darkness, you are surrounded by a living world flooded with such a light that it gives you the feeling you have more of life itself.

For me, spring is always magic. I was born in the spring and my body feels deeply this strong bond with nature reawakening, producing small and colourful treasures. In springtime, my desire to create, to set ideas in motion, to organise and make things happen becomes stronger. Nature reinvents itself every season and I want to do the same, to add novelty to my work and my experiences. I feel an intense desire to clean my space, open the windows to let in the wind and drown in the light.

And this feeling isn’t just in my house, but also in my soul. Spring makes want to become weightless, to run barefoot in the park without thinking. 

Some of these days become a good opportunity for reflection and inner clarity, a special time to go back to the question of who I am and what I want to be from now on. The biggest insight for me is the desire and need to let go. I have learnt to forgive others and myself, I have learnt to turn attachment into understanding and wisdom and I have understood that more does not always coincide with better. But this understanding needs constant practice to produce lasting results. 

Today I want to share with you another hugely valuable insight: because of the wiring of our brain, we are driven by a deep and constant need for control; this the biggest cause of anxiety because controlling everything is in direct opposition and resistance to the constant flux and change of life. Thanks to our innate desire to have everything under control, we engage in a daily battle with life with that eats our body from the inside. Is this true for you? I can see this happening almost everywhere…

So, the challenge is accepting that you are unable to control everything and making peace with all the unexpected things that knock at your door every day. Will you give this a chance? I’m doing so. And when I manage to do it properly I almost feel weightless...

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