We are super-heroes...

A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts on the crisis we are experiencing and I explained my confidence in the evolution of human potential towards unexplored horizons. What I want to do today and in the coming weeks is to tell you what is already happening in this direction so that you too can fully understand the incredible power of transformation that we possess and feel within you the same enthusiasm and desire to manifest it.

Ever heard of extra-ocular vision? I did not even know what it was until 10 days ago. But then, thanks to the positive power of online communication, I was asked to explore this technique and I was thrilled by what in many areas of the world children are able to achieve thanks to enlightened adults who help them develop their extra-sensory vision.

I invite you to see with your own eyes what I'm talking about in this video:


The incredible thing is that this technique is not new (but what TV or social media has ever talked about it?). It has been developed in the last 30 years in Mexico by Noè Esperon to help children overcome trauma and allow them to develop the extra-sensory qualities that make us so resemble the super-heroes of our movies. All children aged 6 to 12 can learn to see with their eyes closed, but, above all, they can expand their awareness in a direction that is so much broader and stronger than we have learned so far.

What meaning and implications does all of this have? In becoming more aware and mastering their power, children learn to manage their emotions better, they improve their interpersonal skills, become more serene and calm, and overcome anxieties, fears and obsessions. This means that they can become more balanced and fulfilled adults, more sensitive and open, more attentive and loving. And if adults are transformed in this direction, then society changes by default because the people who compose it are no longer afflicted and conditioned by fear and lack; instead, they are aware of the incredible energy and creative power they possess.

These are seeds of change and transformation. Noè Esperon is a seed. This mission to expand human awareness beyond the known limits has led to a school that teaches adults the technique so they can help children expand their consciousness and develop their super-powers:

Viendo por el mundo

Even adults can learn the technique, but our ability to develop the extra vision depends on our ability to overcome the rational cage that leads us to believe it is impossible to see with our eyes closed. This is a challenge that I intend to tackle soon.

We are already super-heroes, but we didnt' know it...

(Pic credits TK Hammonds - Unsplash)


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