Upgrade your Mindset, Upgrade your Life

Do you want a different quality of life? Upgrade your mindset!

All the results you get in our life are the by-product of your mindset. 

Our brain behaves like a super-computer: from our birth to around 35 years of age we store in it informations, experiences, emotions and rules. The repetition of thoughts and actions creates neural pathways between our brain cells and we learn and memorise processes and behaviours. When we attach a strong emotion to our experience we generate a deep memory that will impact on our future behaviours and will determine our personality. 

We keep learning and growing older our entire life, but around 35 years old we have already stored so much that our subconscious mind becomes the driver of our life for almost the 95% of the time everyday. 

That means that we use just a fraction of our conscious thinking and our personality with all its habits is taking control of our life the most of the time (we are reactive instead of active).

This is good considering the complexity of tasks we constantly manage, but the downside is that we start to identify so much with our personality to come to believe that  “this is the way I am”.

In reality we are much more than what our personality capture of us. 

Our personality is based on our values, our beliefs, our experiences, our paradigms, our identity and our emotions and we can make changes at each of these levels to experience measurable change in our personality. 

We can constantly change and upgrade ourselves: our brain can establish new pathways all the time, we just have to keep instructing it. 

As we do with our computers, we can apply an upgrade to our personality to enhance the quality of what we are experiencing. 

When we are able to do so the quality of our personal reality changes as a consequence, because our personality is the cause of our personal reality. 

Nothing can stop us to modify our personal reality if we aren’t happy with it.

We just need to get clarity on the direction to take, overcome our limiting beliefs and nurture the right motivation to take action.


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I will be honoured and happy to support you in upgrading yourself and your life!