Unstoppable Life

Maybe it’s because I was born in March, and so the spring is stamped in my bones and it flows in my blood, but for me this season is the most magical of the whole year. Wherever you turn, there are promises of life, meadows revived and filled with colours, trees covered with buds that become symphonies of petals, days that stretch in the light. You can feel the vibrant energy changing the pace of your life... 

It makes you want to stretch like a cat, reaching out your legs and arms to find space in the air after the contraction of the winter. The sun goes back to being a caress on the skin, not just a pale disk in the sky. Its warmth enters you and reactivates something intimate and profound: the desire to open and blossom like a flower. Blessed is the spring that returns punctually every year to lighten your thoughts and create a new effervescence in your spirit. It is a priceless gift available to everyone. Don't let it get away without tasting it fully.

At a time when your thoughts are as colourless and tired as they are now, spring is a balm to help you let go of anxieties and worries. Dive into the details of spring: put a flower on your table or windowsill, treat yourself to at least 10 minutes of blue sky every day, in complete silence, drinking it in with your eyes. Sit in the sun and let it blush your skin with its rays, awakening the life within you. Walk in the park, in the woods, near the lakes, and see how the life of nature pulsates frantically. 

Everything is in motion, and everything breathes with a different depth and intensity from a few months ago. Immerse yourself in this vibration and rely on it. Let it inspire you. Let it bring you back into connection with the greatness of life. Although we keep playing against it, life is marvellous and unstoppable. Life keeps asking us to participate in its dance.

Participate, but don't lead the dance.

This is the thing we have not yet understood: we are at the service of life, not the other way round. We are a form through which life expresses itself. We have the enormous privilege of choosing the colours and features of this shape and animating it with our conscience, but we have no right to hurt it, deny it, oppress it, compress it, assault it. In doing so we only impair our experience of it, but life will continue to win, even without us.

Humility is a word that keeps coming into my mind these days. A vintage word in our current vocabulary, but so very necessary. Humility allows you to remember that you cannot know what you do not yet understand. And the mystery and sacredness of life are things that sadly most people still ignore, despite adorning themselves with the label of ‘expert’. 

Use this awareness to distance yourself from smoke-sellers and liars. Whoever does not respect, adore, feel grateful to the miracle of life is not worth any trust, authority or power. They are disconnected and dangerous individuals who have put ambition above the unstoppable power of life. They can only lose. And you with them if you decide to follow their leadership.

(pic credits - my garden!)

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