Understanding death is the key to knowing how to live

Death. A word we struggle to say and something we don’t want to think about. A definitive word that scares us and we prefer not to bring into our conversations. We don't like to talk about death. In our imagination death is a terrifying figure. Yet death is the most natural thing in the flow of life: everything is born, evolves, transforms, grows, matures, perishes and is reborn in a continuous cycle. In a way, death is one of the few certainties we have. We were born; at some point we will die. 

In my youth I tried to make sense of death because I was distressed by the idea of losing loved ones, having to face the sudden reality of the interruption of communication, exchange and affection that death imposes on relationships. I wanted to understand it so as not to feel so helpless and paralysed just thinking about it. 

My fear of death has been my greatest teacher because it has opened my mind and heart to the study of near-death phenomena, to the exploration of subtle energies, to experimenting with the mediumistic capacity of certain individuals. I have begun to understand the vastness of the multidimensional experiences of the soul, the complexity and meaning of the physical embodiment and karmic cycles, the energetic and magnetic nature of the intentional impulses that create life. With each new understanding, a new expansion of consciousness, and even more love for the complexity and the magic of this experience of life and death. 

The more I understood, the more the fear of death faded, and the more I realised that in reality death deserves more respect than fear because it is a portal to expanding dimensions. The fear we have inherited regarding death has potentially limited our experience of the transition. Believing that after physical death there is nothing, or even thinking that damnation exists for what has been done in life that is bad, conditions our spirit to live experiences that are projections of such beliefs, just as in our lives we create scenarios that resemble our fears because we project that vibration into our reality. 

Instead, the after or “beyond", is the true "return home" to a dimension where our existence is devoid of all the bumps, heaviness and pains of physical life and where life can truly express itself on a much greater level of power and magnificence. There is only life and more life. Love does not stop, nor do the relationships between souls who belong to the same families. Being born in this dimension is in fact the most difficult time we go through because it involves separation and temporary estrangement from our true families. So why do it then? 

Because physical life on this planet has enormous evolutionary value for the soul, if we don't get caught up in the purely human dynamics of our personality. If in such a dense and dark dimension we manage to integrate and fully manifest the enormous individual talent and creative power we have, and to anchor the energy of unconditional love, which is our true nature, we exponentially expand our level of consciousness. In other words: the more difficult the test, the greater the prize. 

How do we win the game? By ceasing to identify with our human personality and therefore by ceasing to be impressed by its fears and conditioned by its beliefs. Giving up the illusion of being who we think we are and becoming who we really are. Nothing we are used to believing is real. We are playing parts in a large theatre where we have identified ourselves so much in the role that we have forgotten we are mere actors. Everything seems so serious, so important, so relevant when, in reality, the only truly brilliant thing is stepping out of the part, abandoning the limits that we have unknowingly imposed on ourselves, embracing the power of love that we are, and completely transforming this play, from drama, from tragedy, to the celebration of life, joy, beauty. Knowing how to let go the illusion of death is the key to beginning to live life fully.

(pic credits Unsplash - Alexandra Nicolae) 


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