I choose to live in a world where people celebrate life and feel good together. A world where the word competition has been completely annihilated and replaced with the word cooperation. And since I believe 100% in the power of imagination, I choose to imagine this world with my eyes closed in my dreams and with my eyes open in my day-by-day reality, making choices that create it.

Division and competition are the ingredients of the disaster we now see constantly before our eyes: the increasingly violent and inhumane conflicts between groups, the exasperation in the tone of discussions at every level, the brutalised reactions of people who now degenerate over trivialities.

The system pits us one against another, starting from school, where we are judged and divided into good and bad students, in sport where the imperative is always to beat another, in politics where the parties are polarised, and in society and culture where the race to be considered better has always existed. There is no space in our life that has remained unviolated by the pervasive and aberrant division and competition.

And, from this assumption, which is so natural that it seems obvious, we become anaesthetised and incapable of opposing the gravity of the massacres that are perpetrated in the name of belonging to one side or another.

Please stop for a second and reflect. Where are you feeding this perverse mechanism? Where in your daily life do you nourish and fuel this pattern of division and competition? Because if you don't stop doing this, you are also responsible for the results you are seeing on a global scale. Similar vibrations add up and amplify. There is no point condemning what we look at; we need to interrupt the pattern and change the paradigm if we want to create and live in a different reality.

Union and cooperation are the antidote, but they are so difficult to achieve if you do not overcome identification with your ego, your human personality. As long as we interpret life from the framework of mere survival, none of us manages to transcend the subconscious programming to competition. Be aware of this.

So the first step is always an individual and personal work of exploration: what are the beliefs and mentality underlying your attitudes, your behaviours, your habits of thought and action? Do you act to protect and/or defend yourself in most situations? Do you feel inferior/superior to others? You need to find these answers if you want to understand how much of a grip the old paradigm of division and competition has on you. The more you learn to question what you have unconsciously accepted, the more you create the space for a new, more evolved paradigm that can begin to inform and influence your thoughts and choices.

Acting in unity and cooperation becomes much easier and more achievable when your consciousness expands to recall the true essence of your nature and the essential connection you have with everything else. But in the meantime you can still contribute positively by simply choosing not to play by the old “me versus you” rules anymore.

Try to imagine with me how beautiful, easy and smooth it would be to live in a world where cooperating for the good of all is everyone's greatest aspiration and where, consequently, everyone gives the best of themselves to create that result, without feeling obligated, judged, or at risk of losing something. A world like this is created by choosing a different paradigm. And if you do it, I do it and another hundred, thousand, ten thousand people do it, this world already exists for us. Together. Now.

(pic credits Unsplash - Nick Fewings)

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