to be

To be or not to be. That's the question.

This is indeed one of the most important answers you can find for yourself; the one that owns the power to turn your life upside down.

Be what you want to experience. Be what you want to do. Be what you want to have

It is this deep, full identification, perfect alignment, complete coincidence with the object of your desire that lets you truly get what you want.

You have to reverse the current paradigm, what you have learned since the beginning, what we all profess, what everyone wants you to continue to learn and to use (because its the one that supports all our consumerist society): "You must have something in order that you can do something else and this having will therefore make you happy." 

Do you want an example? I must have a home in order to be able to marry my sweetheart and be happy forever after.  

I got the house, and I got married but... I'm not happy. 

Have you ever experienced something like this? 

I have, many times, because, like you I believed that, and I was proudly following the instructions: "you must have to be able to do and be able to be." 

I had so much, I have done so much, but being happy and fulfilled didn't follow up as the consequence I hoped for. 

What did I do wrong? What are we doing wrong? 

Lets try to use the inverse of the assumption and see what happens: "You must be to be able to do and be able to have." 

This is exactly what we have been told by many philosophers, sages, prophets and people who experienced something special in their life

You are the source of what you want to experience, if you want happiness to fill your life, you must learn to identify your body-mind-soul with happiness. You have to imagine, enjoy, experience happiness inside yourself before that energy projection can fill your life forever. 

Thats really the right way. 

Why? Because if you do not know the taste of happiness you cant recognise it. If you do not know the taste of peace, you cannot prove it. You have to experience it first through your fantasy, imagination, and a mental and emotional identification.

Knowing exactly what you're looking for is the key to finding it. 

But how can you be happy, rich and satisfied, and then manifest this future for yourself if you're not happy, rich and satisfied in your present? 

The most simple way to learn that is to give someone else what you want to experience: if you can make someone else feel what you would like to experience for yourself, you're able to create that energy, see it, feel it, identify with it, know it. 

This will allow you to experience the same. "Do unto others what you would have done to you", to quote the gospel. 

If you are capable of giving wealth, wealth will be what you will get back, if you are able to offer happiness, happiness will find you too. But not because you are expecting it, because you are tuning to that frequency and allowing yourself to finally live it too. 

Give wealth and wealthy you will be. Offer happiness and happy you will be.

To be what you want to experience, that's the answer.

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  • Dolly 15/02/2017 3:09pm (7 years ago)

    It is not a stretch at all that she is still trying to purge her heart & mind of all the Islam disease that once infected her. To me her mixed messages on Wilders and personally her declaring to be a atheist makes me think she is still fighting some darkness that hides somewhere in the back corners. If she only understood how different the God of the Bible is described than san3a&#t9;s sock puppet in allah is presented in the quran, she could find the freedom she is really looking for.

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