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Thoughts from a midsummer night

"Amnesia of love". I read this beautiful combination of words in a blog and was immediately inspired to reflect on it. 

How nice if every now and then you could allow yourself an “amnesia of love”, a time, a space, an opportunity when you could stop taking yourself too seriously and give yourself another chance, or you could give someone else another chance... Suspending judgement, suspending the train of thought leading you in the usual direction, making you react in the usual way. Stopping for a moment to believe in what you used to believe in... to let yourself to be surprised. Forgetting what you have become and let you become someone a little different, more daring and confident, for example.

Why not? Why not care to be different, at least once... and see how it goes? Why not allow someone else to exceed the limits of your interpretation and judgment and give him or her the space to show you something else about them?

Why do I call this space of possibility an "amnesia of love"?

Because in doing so you forget the seriousness of your mind and the tightness of your beliefs and you give trust to a strong and impetuous intuition of passion and love. Through the “amnesia of love" you are able to see something that you can’t see with your eyes and that you can’t interpret with your brain: your own or someone else’s potential.

Potential is not something you can see; you can only sense it. Potential can unfold only when you believe. To sprout and grow potential requires an act of faith.

Faith and trust are not choices you select with your mind; they are attributes of your heart. You allow yourself to believe in something bigger than what you know already. 

When you forget the mind for a moment and you listen to your heart, you are showing love and appreciation for yourself or someone else. You allow yourself a space to grow, a space to expand, to become bigger than who you are and to learn something else about you or someone else.

That’s why the "amnesia of love" is a wonderful space of evolution and creation...

(picture courtesy of Flickr - Miguel Virkunnen Carvalho) 

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  • Maite 12/08/2015 11:37am (7 years ago)

    Interesting concept. It would be nice if you could expand on it. Thanks.

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