The value of your time NOW

I know that all your attention right now is focused on what's going on around you. You may be overwhelmed by the news regarding the spread of the virus and the measures that various governments are taking, the financial and economic impact of what is happening, the statistics about the infection… You are being bombarded with input and, since we are facing a giant and totally new situation, you feel compelled to listen and read as much as possible.

Well, allow me to offer you another perspective and then, in line with the value of that, I will return to my reflective silence.

The biggest value you can attach to time these days is preparing yourself.

Preparing for what?

Preparing for the inevitable change we are experiencing. For better or for worse this crisis will trigger profound transformation; we will never go back to the world we knew. That world will no longer exist. We are already witnessing a pandemic-induced financial crisis. Central banks are doing everything to support the system, but the markets continue to move in a convulsive and uncontrolled way because there is no confidence in the management of the crisis and because it is not possible yet to estimate the economic impact of what is happening. 

We will certainly pay a big price in terms of economic recession, but what I think will happen is that the entire economic model based on consumption will enter into crisis, preventing the liquidity that is put into circulation from producing the benefits expected of it. We have been experiencing a fictitious recovery for years; stock exchanges reached the sky due to the continuous liquidity produced by central banks. But the game is about to break definitively. So we will find ourselves exhausted by a health crisis and impoverished by a financial and economic crisis, with governments on their knees from the actions they have taken to stem the pandemic. I don't share these things to create further anxiety, but for the opposite reason, to help you reflect on what I consider now to be an essential requirement: stop expecting that someone will come to save you from what is going on.

Your salvation lies in yourself and in your ability to begin to see and to interpret things in a different way.

We are at breaking point. Something we never imagined is ongoing. We are living through a surreal scenario and, indeed, there is enormous value in all of this. As people were already saying, we could not continue to run at the speed we were going at because we were at risk of sinking the only boat we have: planet Earth. All the excesses we have created in recent decades have produced what we are currently experiencing: a pandemic that has slipped like a thin and invisible nylon thread into all the gears and is blocking them one by one.

We are stranded. And finally, we can afford to reflect and think.

The first thought I want to share is this: let's stop feeding fear. The fear continually being spread by the media weakens us on multiple levels. Detaching from it, using responsibility, common sense and balance, will help us to overcome this emergency with the least loss of life. Our body knows how to defend itself from the attack of this virus. We just need to protect and strengthen our immune systems. Calm is the emotional state that allows our immune system to function at its best. When we are stressed or anxious, the immune system goes into stand-by because the body activates the survival reaction. 

Whether you are aware of it or not, we have been in a new evolutionary phase for a few years now; we have gone from the age of reason to the age of spirit and we are slowly returning to understand our energetic spiritual nature and the relative powers it possesses. We are far more powerful than we ever thought we were because we are finding the right perspective from which to look at reality: we are not our body. 

The body is the physical garment of our spiritual, energetic consciousness. Consciousness creates and informs the body and as such it protects and heals it. If we want to stay healthy in this pandemic, the most powerful tool we have is not masks, but the connection with our spirit and our soul, that is, with our true essence or nature. Energy creates matter and not the other way around, as we believed until a few decades ago. Energy transforms matter. Our energetic consciousness through our thoughts and emotions, which are also energy, can transform matter. Our thoughts and emotions can neutralise the virus if we are able to use them in our favour. Imagine staying healthy and, if you take aligned actions (the health precautions we know by heart), you will produce this result. It is a universal law.

Rooting yourself in a state of inner serenity should then be your only interest and sharing that with your children your only job. We have a unique opportunity right now: use the time the crisis is creating in our schedules to learn better. Let's not waste it following anxiety-filled news; let's spend it learning what we haven’t yet mastered to create the life we ​​desire. There are hundreds of books and courses that can help us become familiar with quantum physics, energy medicine, the power of the mind and the soul. All these topics constitute our new dimensional reality. We can no longer afford to ignore them.

From this knowledge also arises the full understanding of how we are all completely and inextricably connected since everything in the universe derives from the same energy matrix that we can call the Source, Field or God. Energy is everywhere and it informs anything. Our personal destiny is inextricably linked to everything and everyone on this planet. The harm we do to others returns as a boomerang to ourselves. The wounds we inflict on the planet are returned to us not as punishment but simply on the basis of universal cause-and-effect laws. So, even in this case, if we feed on healing thoughts instead of panic we will help create such healing faster. We will reap what we sow. What our eyes are observing now is what we have unconsciously sown in the past. Let us ask ourselves what we are sowing now because it will be what we will reap in the future.

We must become more aware of the enormous creative power we have because nothing can defend us from it except ourselves when we develop an increased sense of responsibility and respect.

The era in which we needed to belong to some group, organisation, congregation, organism or tribe in order to survive is over, because, in reality, the era of pure survival is over. We are entering a new era where creation and evolution will become our main purpose and we are all individually wired as 'creators'. It is not belonging to any organisation that gives us power; it is the connection to our Source. So, whatever happens, we are endowed with the inner resources to face this and to create a different future, but that future depends on our imaginations and our will.

We can no longer ignore that everything is connected and that, therefore, even the smallest choice we make impacts the whole with its energy. We must learn to no longer pass our responsibility onto anyone. Merits and problems belong to us all equally. Our intention and our energy always create positive or negative results depending on our aim. We must learn to discern and follow inner intuition instead of the logic of the mind. Intuition is connected to consciousness and it sees from a higher and wider perspective, while the mind is unable to see from a connected perspective and it continues to perceive us as separate, forcing us to make selfish and harmful choices.

Learn to always ask yourself what you are creating with your thoughts. Are you worried about your future? Can you imagine great difficulties ahead? If so, you risk creating these results. Release yourself completely from what you observe and enter your inner space. Try to imagine the society and the world that you would like to see reborn when this is all over. This is not an illusion, I guarantee you. Your energy is as creative as mine. Focus with conviction on the scenario you want to create and you will help create it.

We are rediscovering values ​​that we had completely forgotten, such as solidarity and cooperation. Imagine how nice it would be if these values became the principles on which to build a new economic model. After crisis chaos reorganises itself on the basis of new energy indications and something completely different can emerge. What energetic indications are you emitting with your thoughts? What world do you want to live in when we finally reopen our doors and windows, hug each other on the streets and start breathing deeply again? What new opportunities will you be able to explore after this reset? And, above all, who will you finally allow yourself to be because in this moment of absolute withdrawal you have been able to appreciate even more the value of your LIFE?

(Pic credit Fabrizio Verrecchia for Unsplash)

If you value the idea to deeper discuss these reflections with me please connect online next Monday 23 march at 9:00pm for a free 90 minutes webinar using the link below. 

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  • Claudia 21/03/2020 3:59pm (4 years ago)

    This is exactly it and finally someone puts it into words. I couldn't agree more. This is a new beginning for everyone, an opportunity to create a better world. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

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